The King of All 1.05 Ranged DPS Wiz Builds

To hell with the rules of "Wizard Club", 1.05 is here and it's high time we took back our forum to share useful information again. So, without further ado, I give you what seems to be the #1 ranged DPS non-CM, non-Archon build there is, and one that I think you'll see surpasses those builds in many respects. I assembled this build from those skills that were actually buffed in 1.05 - and they all involve Cold damage. The key piece of gear for the build is of course the Frostburn Gauntlets, which finally work in 1.05 and to great effect at that.

The build:!WYX!bYYcaZ

Key features:
Ray of Frost (Cold Blood) - with this build setup, RoF is free to cast. FREE. In fact, you will regen AP while using it. Power of the Storm reduces its cost from 10 to 7 AP per tick. You will use this for single target DPS and to "tag" multiple targets to stack slows.

Frost Hydra- a cheap AOE snare, helps keep mobs grouped together and away from you so you can be sure to hit them with....

...Comet- this is your AOE power attack that also gives you yet another snare. I was routinely critting them for 1,200,000 damage or more. You can burst up to 2 of them at a time as well.

Power of the Storm: reduces all AP costs by 3 AND acts as if you have "sniper support"- it will strike down enemies by itself while you go about your business. Yes it's that good.


You want as much DPS as possible as this build does not rely on any defensive skills.
Frostburn Gauntlets are the most important gear piece here, especially ones with a perfect 6%/30% Damage roll ). I would even go as far as to say that they are a BiS item, if for no other reason that they are guaranteed to increase your damage output by a fixed amount, which scales with your other gear.

As always, you will want a black weapon to take advantage of any "Adds x% to X damage" you may have,preferably one with Life Steal, to add to the 1.5% you'll get from Blood Magic. It doesn't have to be a Skorn or even a 2H weapon, but those work best when using skills that are not dependent on attack speed as you'd be using here.

The combination of the DPS, the synergy, and the snares make this build a great one.

I can show you tactics if you add me in game.
It sounds decent. Do you run any APoC so you can actually recover AP while spamming RoF? If my pool was refilling at a decent pace while using beam for more than the occasional comet I could see this being pretty quality and fun as hell.

The beam mechanic and the comet mechanics are easily the two most fun to use specs in the game for wizard. I just wish they were a bit more efficient.
Yes. I use a Storm Crow with 5% RoF Crit and 9APOC. Try getting one like that, or better.
Nice work DrD.

I actually stashed a few ray of frost items in 1.04 - in case it become useful :)
Hmmm this looks good, i dont have the best of gear but ive come into
alot of gold about 450mil {found 2 set items that i sold} can any1 tell me what i should buy to
help with this build? Thanks!
Seems a decent build, although not quite as strong as the cookie cutter Wave of Force builds. Without hard CC, phasehulks might be a bit hard.

I like builds with synergy to their equipment. Frostburn and Stormcrow is also cheap so even if you decide to get out of this build, you wouldn't really be hurting. Rest of the gear (Black weapon + trium) are fairly mainstream and you have Archon to fall back on if you want out.

OP, please post your recommended DPS for each MP level.
10/17/2012 11:26 PMPosted by Wtflag
Seems a decent build, although not quite as strong as the cookie cutter Wave of Force builds.

Cookie cutter already?? I don't even know how it works or what the build is, let alone know how it cuts cookies. What's the deal with Wave of Force?
I've been running almost this exact build for the last day or so, with 30% Frost gaunts. I ran RoF for two months in 1.03

This build is pretty good. I really feel that Frost Hydra isn't worth using, even with Frostburns, though. It's pretty awful. I tested Arcane versus Better off replacing it with Tele or Skin, so you don't die to random wallers, jailors, etc.

Sadly, even Frostburns are BARELY worth it. My trifecta gloves add 28% to my DPS, whereas perfect frosts are only 36%.
I approve of this message
RoF is so crap beyond MP5.

If youre doing 350k+ dps, then frankly any build will be fine.

For 100-200k dps, it just doesnt cut it, you WILL get overrun. This is my experience, with my gear, in solo MP7 at least. (180k dps with a Skorn, 40k HP, 800 AllRes with Prismatic)
Wave of force builds? Where to find? ;-)
Seems a decent build, although not quite as strong as the cookie cutter Wave of Force builds.

i dont want to invest on this coz it's gonna get nerfed again :D
eh so far i use this bulid its kinda good? look at my profile coza i cant handle CM even when i whos :D CC45% CD 50% atack speed 2.37 [dam nefred]
10/18/2012 03:31 AMPosted by STING
eh so far i use this bulid its kinda good? look at my profile coza i cant handle CM even when i whos :D CC45% CD 50% atack speed 2.37 [dam nefred]

Try this!gWb!cYaZcZ

Use scoundrel for extra 3% crit.
Use the living lighting to send free tornadoes for extra procs, is not necessary to send them on 3 stacks.
10/18/2012 02:41 AMPosted by thE
Wave of force builds? Where to find? ;-)

Maybe is related with this one ?!gXb!cYccZa
Need help using this build. Looks like this is good if you're in a party. If solo you need to be careful that enemies should not reach you.
@Deadboo: And you play that build the same way As Boom/Nova-sorc?
If you don't want to use Frost Hydra, use Teleport Calamity instead. You wont have Illusionist so you can't spam it but that should help you with Phasebeasts and to burst things down faster, and to get away from trouble.

I would not attempt MP5 or above unless you have 150K buffed DPS (add 30% to your sheet value for Frostburns).
Dr D. That fragment want with 25% more cold dmg worth it as well, or standard black wep with crit, etc, is still better?

A Fragment of Destiny with max damage rolls could be worth using with a Tal Rasha or Triumvirate source (though it's not a black weapon). I would use Healing Blades if you do use one.

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