Login Issues (Error 3006) - 10.18.12

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I quit playing for over a month I think it was. I come back to play when the new patch is released, and bam can't play again. It's like release day all over again. CHRIST ON A CRACKER!
Me -> QQ
10/18/2012 11:44 PMPosted by Lylirra
Thats the problem with this forum. Its unorganized and full of clutter. Even the CM posts in the wrong area!

I post precisely where I mean to. :)

Urgent issues are typically communicated in General Discussion, whereas standard or scheduled maintenances are typically communicated in Service Status. Either way, we'll keep you updated.

dude just read the most current blue posts at the top of the forum page... so hard
Purchased an item on the AH right before this happened, got charged the gold, and the item is in my auction log, but it's not listed in my Completed Items or in my stash.
Quick reaction from bliz team. Good work. I hope it gets fixed by the time I get home from work this morning
Thank you for the quick response time. I was about to give up for the night. I didn't realize Diablo 3 still had a crew on at this time of night in NA.
Kinda like the release day when they sold x amount of games and didnt expect x amount of people to be wanting to play it. They can do all these crazy calculations but something simple like that is beyond them for some odd reason. cmon guys...really?
man i was starting to think i was hacked good to know its not just me with this problem
my fire walker order id 1050130144 was gone
what NERVE~!

YOU HAVE NO *??? * RIGHT~!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
so should i goto sleep, er ... hmmm
blizzard: MADNESS?
me: MADNESS!!!!
blizzard: MADNESS!!!!?
me: MADNESS!!!!
me: MADNESS!!!!!
BLIZZARD: THIS IS DIABLO 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I might add if they had continued with non online only play many of these issues would not be as big since oh look issues okay I'll go play single player yay (happy frowny face) .... Instead we are saddled with online only play that truly hinders those who only want offline and forces those online to deal with more issues as every one having to be connected. In the end F-Anti Piracy and DRM methods... They only work till some one gets around them the old saying will never go out

"Locked doors only keep honest people honest".
watdahell.... im done with these errors...
damn i wanna play haha
Still have 3006 error! What's happened???
Common Blizzard!

My only time to play is during these few hours and you do this to me T_T.....FML
Feel sorry for everyones auctions that were going to get sniped. Now you got hosed! :(
every !@#$ing time i get on to play there is some god damn interruption, whether its the wife, the baby, or blizz. see my wife and baby are asleep and now is my prime time to play, this is 3rd time this week my regular playing hours are interrupted. Blizz is %$^# horrible and ruining everything

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