Login Issues (Error 3006) - 10.18.12

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for some reason i got in first try, and now i'm getting so many msg's of ppl "logging in and logging out" trying to get in lol
Looks like they're tweaking around input limit to deal with botters.

I like that. :3
10/18/2012 11:48 PMPosted by STaCKiN
every !@#$ing time i get on to play there is some god damn interruption, whether its the wife, the baby, or blizz. see my wife and baby are asleep and now is my prime time to play, this is 3rd time this week my regular playing hours are interrupted. Blizz is %$^# horrible and ruining everything

Truly Epic. Both Thumbs up
haven't logged in in two months..

guess I'll find something else to do


Aug 18th last log in... almost ... almost had me.

Just a heads up - the Breaking News notice at the game login screen shows an Oct 18th 8:35PM notice time, but states the rolling restarts will be on October...18th. At 5 AM. It's already past that time, and it should say October 19th at 5AM PDT.

Also, the Breaking news and Service Status contradict each other. While the Service Status page has the correct date, it shows only a one hour downtime estimate, while the Breaking News notice shows a two hour downtime estimate.

The left hand and right hand need to get together and start getting touchy feely so they know what's up with each other. :P

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Got on, working fine. cya suckers!
Fix the lag while you're at it please, do something about ur servers

Kindly yours
just got new gear =/
10/18/2012 11:40 PMPosted by Loot
my wd is alone and scared

Looks like they're tweaking around input limit to deal with botters.

I like that. :3
it would make sense
we cant log in because of that ERROR grrrrrrrrrrrrr.....hehehehe
Kind of glad its not just me. But blizz you need to fix your stuff! asap
so i lost legendary shoulders that i bought right before i got owned... thanks.
Yeah. I was refreshing my AH cuz my dyes didn't come through and I got kicked for input limit.

Problem came back.
Thats the problem with this forum. Its unorganized and full of clutter. Even the CM posts in the wrong area!

I post precisely where I mean to. :)

Urgent issues are typically communicated in General Discussion, whereas standard or scheduled maintenances are typically communicated in Service Status. Either way, we'll keep you updated.

How come almost every hotfix is called a "scheduled" maintenance and notice of it comes up only a couple hours before being done? With the only notice i see being the one shown at the log in window? The word "scheduled" is perceived, by myself at least, to mean an event planned some days ahead of time not a few hours before time.

I know that I am not the only one that finds it misleading when being told something is scheduled when in fact it was no such thing only a short time earlier. Cant yas just call a hotfix a hotfix, and a nerf a nerf instead of a bug fix. Is getting so I am having a hard time believing much of what we are told in these forums.

Oh yea and I still cant get in. When i do or if i do, sure hope the 19 mil i bid on an item has not disappeared.
The creative inspiration for Siegebreaker came from the gremlin that haunts Blizz's headquarters.... Serverbreaker. He's always been MP10. ;)
10/18/2012 11:39 PMPosted by Bottle
I cannot defeat my own error.

i cant believe this
killed by 3006 boss. FOREVER.
Thank you for the bluepost.

I appreciate your guys' hard work.

Don't listen to all the negativity. :/

It is a bit frustrating that there have been so many issues since patch day, but this sort of thing kind of happens.


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