Monster Power Bonus Damage Reduced in Inferno

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I think I like this, but I'm seriously debating whether or not I would have preferred to leave the damage the same and have monster HP reduced instead.
and during this update they will secretly nerf the drop rate for while untill the next big update lmao
This is totally hypothetical guesswork but if you distributed the current player base into monster power levels it probably looks like this…

MP0 – 30%
MP1 – 10%
MP2 – 15%
MP3 – 10%
MP4 – 5%
MP5 – 14%
MP6 – 5%
MP7– 5%
MP8 – 2%
MP9. – 1%
MP10 – 3%

This is probably completely off but what I want you to pay attention to is the curve which is probably pretty similar to the real thing. Lowering the monster damage will allow more of an equally distributed player base which might look like this…

MP0 – 20%
MP1 – 10%
MP2 – 10%
MP3 – 10%
MP4 – 10%
MP5 – 15%
MP6 – 8%
MP7– 5%
MP8 – 5%
MP9. – 2%
MP10 – 5%

I would be curious to know what the real distribution actually is.

I get your point.

There is no bug. There is nothing to be fixed.
Problem: Players distribution across different levels of MP vary greatly to projected distribution.

In order to fix the lapse in judgement in setting initial difficulty tier levels, blizzard release a nerf, calling it bug fix/hotfix to make it sound better and have more integrity. The nerfs also fix problems where players not being able to play at higher difficulty not getting their monster parts needed to craft the new accessory.
Honestly, I don't see this nerf as a counter to players crying about MP being too hard. I don't recall seeing a single thread complaining about Monster Power difficulty. I think a bunch of you have you tinfoil hats on too tight.
Do not do this blizzard.. well unless ofc your intention is to drive people away

damage is just fine the way it is!
I dont understand why they are doing this. I thought that the point of monster power was to provide a challenge to the people who want it and get rewarded for taking the challenge. Now its all going to be pretty easy to do MP10.
No wonder MP10 is such a pain in the @$$ coz its 371%. Bringing it to 250% is to my liking coz I play at MP10. xDD
I would rather see the HP scaling being toned down a bit, rather than the dmg. The damage is exciting, the huge amount of hp is booring!

Keep damage output or even buff it + nerf health pools
All the people cried about barbs and monks having 30% damage reduction passive, now ALL classes get it for free! Well 25% relative to now, but still it's the buff all the bawlers wanted.

And now they're crying it's too easy. hahahahaha, never satisfied.

90% of the people saying it's too easy still won't be able to MP10 regardless of the nerf. Sad truth.
Horrible ninja hotfix, Diablo is about to lose half of their High End players looking for a Challenging Endgame.

I've been multi-pack farming MP10 since it came out via stream Look me up on Twitch JYK524

Did it because no one else could. Now everyone else can. Its no longer a challenge but now just waste your time spin spin spin with my WW barb. No need for any defenses anymore. Its now just a farming fest for whoever has the most dps.

Did you not know Witch doctors can tank MP7 with life steal and zombie bears? and now can do that on MP10 and outclass everyone else?

GG blizzard you just lost a good streamer and player

I thought you learned your lesson when everyone quit after you nerfed inferno the first time
I think the act 2 snakes with spears dmg needs to be reduced a bit. They hit harder than a phase beast while under succubus curse. Just doesn't seem right.
The only people complaining about this change are barbarians. Can almost predict the player's class by reading the post.
10/22/2012 04:10 PMPosted by Shelendil
The only people complaining about this change are barbarians. Can almost predict the player's class by reading the post.

Do you not know what zombies bears + lifesteal will do to mobs in MP10?

WD new meta
10/22/2012 04:03 PMPosted by ellisD
Too bad, the game is still too easy.

This is the truth, look at the prices of items in the AH to gear a character to jump inot the game at mp 3 will cost about 1 million, if you don't believe me watch my stream i gear barbs for under 1m.

The market is dead, Chinese gold farmers already duped millions of Radiant star and perfect star gems and now GF like bosses with the GF buff in MP's. compare it to prices in europe where they haven't been duped yet. Blizz has been easily fooled on their rollbacks and gems have been duped so much its cheaper to buy a radiant star than make a perfect star gem

Legendary drop rate has flooded the market making items worth 50m before worth 3m now

Game is dying, endgame was all that was left as a challenge but now that's nerfed

Did MP10 ubers last night, with 300 viewers watching. now it'll be nothing special since a WD can run in and zombie bear it and live because of the dmg nerf
This is a good change.. I mean the damage was too high and really favored my builds that are mostly ranged attacking rather than upfront attacking.

I think the HP needs to stay the same, I used to think differently .. however the HP is a big gear check honestly.. if your dps is really low you will die to attrition or enrage timers.. I think that's about right.
I disagree with this being done, first off if you can't take the damage then lower the mp level. If this is supposed to be a step closer to achieving something then strive toward getting the gear to do so. There are lower pm levels for a reason. If mp 10 was too intense people would not be doing it, however I have friends who do.

I personally run mp 7 and do it fairly well including ubers. So what if ghom has 212 million hp with 4 people at mp 7. The fight lasts maybe 5 minutes.

I am not one to complain, and this will be my first, however I truly think that people need to stop complaining because they can't do the higher mps due to their lack of gear or perhaps strategy.
Please cut back monster health rather than damage. The damage is exciting, grinding away against mountains of health isn't.
yay entitles !@#$%^-s ruin another game

please stop playing games that i enjoy being hard please and go back to hello kitty online

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