Monster Power Bonus Damage Reduced in Inferno

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Fail once again.
10/22/2012 05:15 PMPosted by jcp2007
Same dmg, little less HP, x2 the monsters
You guys are once again 'hotfixing' the wrong thing. It's not damage that's an issue, it's the ludicrous health increase.
MP 10 is now a cake walk. THANKS NEWBIES.
10/22/2012 10:20 PMPosted by MasterHeeb

The game testers would say the Caps Lock on your keyboard is on?
I am actually very happy for this change and let me explain why~

With 790 resist all, and 7500 armor (using Hard Target), 60% dodge, -14% elite damage, 1889 LOH, 5.8% LS, 37k life, many things can still one-shot me in the current MP10, which in my opinion is totally ridiculous...

I am guessing that most players, who think the current damage is fine does not roll a monk...

Anyway, I think I will finally enjoy 1.0.5 once this fix is done~
honestly, it was fine, i only had a slight issue with Fire Damage, 800 Fire resist and that #$#% would still do mad dmg, arcane also ... sorta, I just think fire damage or fire resists are bugged somehow, with like 400 resist to poisons I can stand in poisons all day.
but with like 1000 resist to fire you still get pretty beat up... (feels no different than having like 0 fire resist).

I concur, we can dodge arcane sentries, side step away from desecs/molten but as mentioned above fire damage/trails just melts us away in seconds, it seem IMO bug somewhat.
It's funny listening to WW Barbs and CM wizards complain about wanting a "challenge". Try a different build, problem solved.
I don't usually read official forums to avoid trolls and drama. I stumbled across this and just felt the need to comment.

I trust Blizzard to do what is best for the game. I played D2, and loved it. If they are making a change, it's probably beneficial to the game.

With that being said, this is my opinion:

If you're on here arguing it's going to be too easy, stop using the AH. I scanned profiles of the people who were complaining MP7+ was already easy. You are using TOP TEIR gear. Some people would consider this Best In Slot. I've never seen a game where players using the VERY best gear can still struggle through content unless he/she did not know how to use the buttons designated to issue commands in game. I rarely (if at all) use the AH, and you can see my gear is far from godly or good. Why? Because this is all I've found. Any "GG" items, I've found rolled bad and got sold to a vendor. The game is designed by chance (chance to find items, chance to roll good/bad), you're only harming your own game's longevity by skipping the chance part of the game. Also, go play hardcore. Don't use a shield, don't stack vitality, don't 'slowly' walk through the game.. Play exactly the same style you do now, and PM me how far you make it. That's where the real challenge (and why Blizzard rarely balances the game around it) lies.

If you're here crying that everyone else is crying and making the game easy, please read this twice. Coaches are able to help players improve and become more efficient and effective. If you asked those same coaches to participate in the game they know so well, you'd be suprise to see how many of them can not execute it. There are two things that make a game easy or hard; those are gear and skill. If you outgear everything, it will be easier. If you have an abnormally high player skill things will be easier. At the same time, there are players who lack these things, and the game is always too hard. Blizzard's job is to find a balance, but there is no right or wrong. Some people will always find the game too hard, and some players will always find the game too easy. If the players who think the game is too hard, there is a good possibility that they are doing something to make it hard (low skill level, not understanding basic mechanics, etc.). If there are players out there who think the game is too easy, there is a reason you are making it too easy (exploiting, purchasing (IGG or RMAH) high teir gear, high player skill). Just understand this transcends gaming, people come across these same problems all the time in life, especially with school.

Don't bother quoting and arguing with me, unless you can speak of experiences that matter, and provide empirical data to back your claims.

(Editied to fix typos).

I'm no masochist, so I'm not gonns avoid some part of the game (auction house as you suggest) to make it more challenging. That would be like: I play only with blue items , what an achievement when I'll beat MP3!!! xD that's just insane.
It's the game iteself (the developers?) that should give challenges, not take away them, players are not supposed to create ways to make the game more challenging: that would be extremely frustrating.
Your QA team are either absolute terrible gamers, or these constant shifts in defense/offense balance are shameless incentives for trading. How many more hours do I need to flipping items and changing gear around to be at the same power ratio.

Also, while lower monster dmg does indirectly alleviate some of the boring gameplay at high mp (due to stacking more dps gear/skills, actual health pools should also be considered for a reduction.
This is just the latest rage "rage"'ll be something new in a month or two...nothing to see here.
Look at the amount of people absolutely disappointed in you making this TERRIBLE decision and reconsider. I played from release, never once had a problem with any of the difficulty. Yet you nerfed, nerfed, nerfed. Finally you give us a reason to be excited, somethign to strive for, then once again pulled the cloud out from under us. Seriously get a clue...
I was doing great as a DH but I can avoid like 90% of incoming damage so I can't say the damage is too much, all I know is that I can live through 2 or 3 hits.

Can't say the same about the melees which take damage constantly.
Not happy with the nerfs in mp damage. Getting to Mp10 was a personal challenge for me. I can already play mp7 with current gear. After nerf I can play MP10 with current gear.

After nerf:

1) I am happy that I can try my hand at farming at higher MP7-8 levels.
2) I am sad that MP10 as an achievable target for me is gone. I rather think I will be able to play MP10 with current set of gear (profile not updated online - issue from 1.0.5 - updates only once a day. I have 44K life and 126K DPS and 7.5% LS).

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