Monster Power Bonus Damage Reduced in Inferno

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  • Why not buffing defensive skills? Why NERF is the permanent solution for every problem?
  • It's more rewarding to reach MP10 in 3-4 months from now than reaching it in 1-2 months, after this stupid nerf! Make the MP differences bigger, harder to beat, so that players have more to play to promote to a higher MP
  • Also, fix that item comparission in AH, not only in-game and chat!
  • And crafting is a big fail right now :)))
  • but the monster‘s HP not change - -
    so what, let them "fatter" and more dangerous, BUT buff defensive skills

    also, stop nerfing Act 3 keywarden and make the Ubbers more dangerous, make the Hellfire ring more deserved!
    10/23/2012 12:05 AMPosted by AH1N1
    It's more rewarding to reach MP10 in 3-4 months from now than reaching it in 1-2 months, after this stupid nerf! Make the MP differences bigger, harder to beat, so that players have more to play to promote to a higher MP

    please don't nerf the game. MP10 is so much fun now. I can kill all rares / elites very easy now. It takes time but it is fun!

    with the nerf MP10 will never be MP10!

    I would welcome it to BUFF MP10 more. I mean make it HARDER!!!!!!
    I think the majority agrees that any problem with MP is not with bonus damage and rather the stupid amount of HP increases.
    I think a slight nerf in dmg and nerf in HP would have been better.
    Suggestion? You are joking, yours update isn't live even 2 weeks and you already nerf it cause of army of noobs and retards. Honestly, me and my friends have challenge on mp6 already, on mp7 killing uber bssess is almost imposible. But's the goal! We can't beat mp8, so we need to farm, gear etc. What a shame...for what the hell you make new "hard levels" if u nerf it after each complain. Go to hell
    I Love it!
    If you want build diversity, then you should looking to add more legendaries, because atm, for a DH (example) the only viable items are Vile Wards, Natalya rings, best-choice for 2hand - Manticore, for 1hand - Calamity and for Dual-Wield....none, because Danetta is too weak => probable 90% of DH use Manticore, 5% -Calamity => you need certain builds for them => build diversity= minimum

    And i didn't mentioned YET the Scorn based monks, WDs, Wizards and, of course the only choices - Vile wards, Mempo's, Andariels, Witching Hours, Lacunis, Inna's pants and 3-4 more items. No more than that! :))

    So if you want diversity, you need to have a very large base of good items - inexistent atm.
    Is like you are going to grocery and you find only garlick and potatoes, so you will have to choose to go another market, or going to a pizza (if you know what i mean...), or making a garlick+potatoes recipe =))
    Horrible ninja hotfix, Diablo is about to lose half of their High End players looking for a Challenging Endgame.

    I've been multi-pack farming MP10 since it came out via stream Look me up on Twitch JYK524

    Did it because no one else could. Now everyone else can. Its no longer a challenge but now just waste your time spin spin spin with my WW barb. No need for any defenses anymore. Its now just a farming fest for whoever has the most dps.

    Did you not know Witch doctors can tank MP7 with life steal and zombie bears? and now can do that on MP10 and outclass everyone else?

    GG blizzard you just lost a good streamer and player

    I thought you learned your lesson when everyone quit after you nerfed inferno the first time

    Its okay, high-end players already reached their peak, they wont contribute anymore to the economy except by selling equally high-end gear at a very high price. Blizz saw this, and know that catering for this niche group doesn't bring in money. Start a new char if you think you're the best and wait for PVP.

    The Inferno difficulty for the first time when launch was INTENDED to smoke out all the imbalance build. Hence the need to nerf so that other builds become equally as strong. You see those builds that are playable in the first inferno gameplay. They are so lame, either permanent stuns, infinite healing, invulnerable, suicides, or skipping. Don't tell me you need skills to hold down shift key and your mouse buttons to kill. That's certainly no challenge.

    I see no game company that 'endlessly' add more difficulty to their games. As a company, as a game, as developer, it make not money sense.
    it's the HP modifier that needs attention and not the damage modifier. O_O
    Please stay with the current Monster Power level DPS.
    This is a terrible decision and clearly has not been well thought out

    Currently there already is a large number of players who can survive without a problem in MP10 and more players continue to join this group daily. (these players cannot increase the difficulty to provide further challenge like the rest of the players).

    Players who cannot farm the hardest difficulty, have the option of choosing which difficulty is best suited to them to provide a challenge or efficient farming.

    By Nerfing the damage further you will increase the number of players stranded without a real challenge and nothing to strive for.

    Face it Blizzard,


    So players have nothing to do but farm, and if all the challenge is gone, what fun is it?
    MP10: climb 988998715474616 stairs instead of Everest
    MP9: climb 9889987154746 stairs instead 90% of Everest
    MP8: climb 98899871547 stairs instead 80% of Everest
    MP7: climb 98899871 stairs instead of Killimanjaro
    ---------------- etc. etc.

    MP1: moan Blizzard to nerf damage + act 3 warden AND climb your chair instead of GTFO and use wisely your free time...

    why are we choosing the easiest way? :))
    I agree it's a terrible decision, but then again, what do you expect?

    Nobody complained about monster damage... so they nerf it
    Nobody every complained about AH buttons... so they tinker with those
    Many complain about the state of monks... they are happy with where they are
    People complain about build diversity.. so they nerf & restrict skills further
    More people complain about Barbs being OP... they buff their skills

    Who exactly is the game supposed to be for? Those that left are probably never coming back, at least in the game's current state. The recent nerf to MP damage may have just taken the challenge away from many players thus making them bored again.

    What direction is this game supposed to be going anyway? Blizzard, my advice.. you've already lost a large number of players who'll probably never come back; keep your remaining players happy.
    Well I'm happy about it. Normal CM wizards roll with FOUR defensive skills on their hotbar. That's just sad I don't want to be forced to play like that. And it feels forced since I don't want to settle for lower MP levels just to play with more fun builds. Maybe now you guys saying it will be too easy don't have to roll a cookie cutter like everyone else in this ****ing game? Monster health too high? Not challenging enough? Try something more offensive instead?

    The way it is now, no matter how nice your gear is, WD pets will always be useless in MP10. Gloom always required. Tank wizard or bust. The people complaining are probably all WW barbs and other such cookie cutters.

    PS - I never complained about monster damage so you can't blame me.

    PSS - I don't blame you for being a cookie cutter, many skills are grossly imbalanced still. It's not like I have the most original builds either for my farming characters.
    Thank You Blizz!

    Now "Old" MP5: 158.14% (down from 193%) is reduce down then it will approximately
    equivalent to "New" MP7: 189.96% (down from 250%).

    ..the more chances again.. MP7 here we go.. xD
    The only thing I'd like to see adjusted is the elemental damage of mobs.
    Especially the warden in Act 3.
    So its not only tonight right.. its always reduced by 25% from now on?

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