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I want to throw my voice in with the folks saying I don't think this change is really needed. MP is fun because of the difficulty is allows, but doesn't force on the player. Early Inferno was irritating to some because it felt like what you were supposed to play in the end-game, but wasn't accessible to casual gamers. MP is brilliant because if you ever find yourself hitting a brick wall you can tone back the difficulty, accept a small penalty in MF, and come back when you've gotten better gear. Right now I'm in MP 3-4, and I really feel like that's where I deserve to be.

I would encourage the developers to make adjustments to specific abilities as needed, but not nerf the entire experience across the board. Additional levels of MP grant extremely good rewards in both the increased MF and chance to find bonus items, so progressing up feels really good and shouldn't be hurried even if it wasn't the original intent of the system.

Thanks for patch 1.05, it brought be back into the game! :)
So finnaly here was some challenge.. I don't have a best gear (yet) and I run a group on MP8 having fun with, according to your scalling we can switch to MP10 since we surive, it will just last a bit longer.
I can't understand what is your scalling based on.. I would await that you just pick best items possible which a player can acquire, check his EHP & DPS, and then set MP10 according to it. Then adjust MP1-M10 on a scale from 0 - 10 difficulty exponentially. That's what we in eu call a scalling. Currently MP10 is also doable with lower gear. But seems some kids already cried on us forums :)

Maybe remove monsters at all.. and just fill up game with items on the ground.
Then let players to choose on which MP level they collect them.
yesss i will be able to do higher mp lvls now.
yea nerf monster health pools like many said in ptr and are saying here... damage was a fine challenge
Please, only do this for mp1-3 or 5 tops. Do not make the top end easier. I dont want to be able to farm mp7-8 and progress on mp 9-10 after a week from release. Spread the difficulty out more, so the top end is harder. Dont make my end game 33% shorter.
Don't whine about Xah'Rith. It's fun to have one random baddie that can just smash your face in. Stop whining about your 'efficiency' and the fact he kills you 3,4,5 times blah blah blah. If you want to never think and never have to change your strategy either drop 1k on the RMAH or go play Farmville.

You can't spell Xah'Rith without the p.i.m.p.
this is perfect, I'm dying more to stupid ground based elemental damage (like the dumb trees in act 1) to champion packs lol
Cry babies win again. Getting closer to quitting.
Maybe every elite should start dropping a bottle of milk to shut some of teh cry-babies up!

Don't nerf damage. Nerf health. Just make it viable to win a stand-off if we use good strategy and methods. If we don't, the enemy should have equal chance of winning as well.
The only issue I have is that I can no longer play with my dh/wd/wiz friends because they simply die too easily at higher mp levels and are not doing enough damage overall to be helpful in a party.

If blizzard could please just look into maybe bringing back NT as it used to be for dh, and reconsider the toc nerf because dh's would be very happy and useful in higher mp levels.

i can solo mp5 butcher runs / act 1 elite clear with keywarden .. with my crappy dh gear as is

there are plenty of better dh's out there that can do even mp 10

you just need to know how to manually dodge attacks and good kiting skills if you want to run higher mp then your gear lets you ... with a tank infront i have no problems at all other then health pools are so high it takes forever at my low dps
I would rather remove the enrage timers than change the damage or health. I have had some epic IM battles cut short from the enrage.
i was only farming MP4 and thought it was fine... guess i'll be moving up a bit =\
everytime i read this explanations they seem a BIG LIE
its so stupid and clear...
Problem: monster abilities damage
Solution: reduce ALL monster dmg
Conclusion: terrible bad lie

I prefer reduce con monster abilities and life, than a reduction on full dmg, the overall dmg was fine... life is ridiculously high
I was easily killing MP7

Now I can try MP10... lets see...
WOW, that's sad, really sad...

Monster damage is fine, nerf monster health or increase the XP/MF bonus but don't nerf the difficulty for god's sake.

please dont nerf monster health nor damage it is fine the way for mid-highlevels, same as the XP/MF bonus!! dont nerf it!, some time in a future this guy will realize that he had to get better gear, or use different strategy
I am glad the change is happening. To many elitist in here. Thanks Blizzard for finding and fixing it.
I welcome this fix, thank you Blizzard :)
good change will help me move to mp7/8

for the top players, introduce 5 or 10 more mp levels for them. who says mp has to stop at 10

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