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The fight with Magda is seriously laggy. I tried several times & died, because of the lag. All the other boss fights & and everything else before it were running smoothly, so it can't be my computer/internet.

Does anybody else find it laggy?
My character is too slow to fight against Maghda after I got the 1.5 patch...
Is it laggy..?
I have the same problem. any result?
No... The support team is sleeping...
Restart of the PC or the Game bring nothing at all...
I put every options of the games grafic and the game play to low... but the same result...
I'm having the same problem. Didn't happen to me before the new patch.
I have the same problem.
With the patch 1.0.5, when I fight Magda my fps drops to around 1 frame per second. It is just unplayable.

Blizzard, can you fix this bug ??
work as intended
Oh yeah this fight is terrible, i thought my computer was dying it lagged so hard.
Hi , I have the same Problem, i played with 3 Charakter and the fight with magda is so slow, i will die in 3 secounds.

Latenz bevor i go in this fight is 50-70ms
Latenz i go in the fight is 250-500 ms

Please HelpBlizzard team
I killed everything running in the background aside form what I need to run the OS and the game and the internet. And as soon as I enter the battle field my FPS cuts in half. As soon as I enter dialog with her and exit I begin to freeze but of course not her or her friends she pops... And yeah this all started after the last patch... And only this fight...
cant get past this fight at the moment due to the incredible lag that seems to get worse as more of her minions spawn. i thought it was my pc, so i changed. thought it may have been a character issue, so i changed. thought to close and reopen the game and still, it is lagging like it has autism. it is really starting to !@#$ me.
Lags too.
Hmm, I guess I'm not the only one with this problem. The first few seconds start off okay, but after like a minute its just a slide show... It seems that when I go to the southern part of the map with all the lighting it makes it exponentially worse.

10/22/2012 12:36 AMPosted by numenorean
Not on my games. This is your computer hardware, your game settings, or ISP.

Can't be hardware, game settings or ISP. None of this happened prior to 1.0.5. I even turned down the graphics settings and my ISP service has not changed either.
It's not the computer hardware, game settings or ISP. It is happening to me also. ONLY fighting Magda and there is at least one other thread discussing this issue.
same probs here @hardcore with my barb.
also happens when you killed magda and ported to town and back...
killed one of my hardcore-barb
Please refer to the technical support section above for 5 more pages of comments about this bug. It is a new glitch since the implementation of this patch and is affected many users.

I found that I could only lessen the 5-10 second pauses by not using my USB drive (using internal hard drive instead) and also by disabling Microsoft Security Essentials real-time protection. This markedly reduced the pauses, which now only last 1-2 seconds every 5-10 seconds.
This was posted on one of the other Magda threads.

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The issue with the framerate drops here have already been reported as a bug. I believe they've identified the cause but I don't have an ETA as to when it can be addressed via either a hotfix or client patch.
Same problem here (In European Server).
The game freeze during Magda fight , I hope this bug will be solved soon !

seriously, also fix the whole STUTTERING everywhere in the game

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