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So a couple of friends and opened the Infernal Machine for the first time last night. Inferno, monster level 2, 5 stack: It was an epic battle, we finally kill everything... and the drop...

Was no more than what we would get from a regular elite pack, not even close to what we would get from a good boss (Butcher). And this was for all of us... it wasn't just that I had crappy magic find.

While I haven't really complain about drop rates before, this was kind of depressing. I was hoping to get more than 3 rares, and a 5 magics out of that battle.
I've done it 5 times with MP3 + NV5 and have only gotten vendor trash as well.. Sucks working for all those keys to only get trash. But, as everyone says RNG is RNG..
Just did it for the first time - lot of fight for zero reward. Hard to believe the hours spent farming act 2 for keys just for this. *shake fist*
Seems to me this event should guarantee a Legendary drop. 99% of them are terrible anyways.
The punishingly unfair reward for the time invested. And they always brush it off as, "oh its the element of random. womp womp."
The only point of infernal machine is to make hellfire rings. I've made 47 and I can tell you that it's not really worth your time after the first one.
Hey guys...I know what you mean. My brother and I built 6 machines and defeated the Ubers on MP3...his MF was very low and he got all the parts, my MF was MAX and I got none. Look in the forums like I did, there are many players who will help you get the parts for just use your machines. I had a Monk take me (MP10) the first time by himself...I died alot (15 times) but still got the parts. I work with a team now...the WIZ freezes them together, always have a Barb for War Cry and someone else for damage like a DH or another Barb. I have made 30 rings now and rarely die in the quest...ask for help because you deserve a HF ring!
Stop looking for things from ubers other than the chance to make a hellfire ring. That's all they were their for, not for increased chance to drop better stuff.

Yes, it's pretty lame when you don't get an organ, but it happens; it seems to happen multiple times in a row for myself (Damn you RNG!).
Ubers = Organs = Ring.

It's not a godly MF spot I don't know who or what indicated it would be for you. The only reason you do ubers is for the organs to make hellfire ring.
Assuming you can handle MP1 solo, with 3 friends, you should be able to tackle MP4.

With 4 players, you can gather your machines quite quickly. Gather them, use 3 in a game, and kill the Ubers.

If each player brings 3 machines (12 total), you'll have a great shot at getting a ring, even on MP4. If not, keep your pieces for the next night. Pretty easy for a night of gaming with 3 friends.

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