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does this attribute apply to poison damage on my weapon? or is it just to the "black" damage? i need an accurate response if you can as it's be quite annoying to find that +%poison damage doesnt increase poison damage on a weapon :(
Just the 'black' damage, physical damage. This is actually generally far better. Except when you have +xx-yy of an elemental type (normally on weapons), pretty much all your damage is physical. So in most cases +%poison damage (or any other element) is a total base dps % increase.

For example if I don't have any elemental damage and I do 100 k dps, +6% poison damage will add 6 k dps as poison. This still works with skills. Say you've got an imaginary skill that does 200% damage as poison, It's converted your whole base damage into poison and then doubling it, including that 6% extra poison damage you already had. The only time the element type actually matters is when using a skill that doesn't convert damage as a specific element

Think you were understanding the mechanic wrong, it's a good thing that it works on black damage.

This post might help: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6413025317#13
so i need a black damage weapon instead of my current poison one. aids! :(

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