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Let's see what you guys have rolled. I am wearing one, but I know they can roll a lot better
The one I am wearing is the first one I got. I know I won't get a better one.
The one I'm wearing (monk) is ok, and I put the 2nd one I made on my enchantress because it was possibly the worst rolled PoS ever.
I think the best you can hope for would be 6% crit chance 9% ias 50% crit damage and 200 in whatever you chose... assuming were on the same definition of best =)
The hell fire on my barb is pretty good
Somehow my new HF ring cant be seen on my char profile so let me just put the stats here
183 strength
78 vitality
38 fire resistance
251 life after each kill
6.00% critical hit chance
+28 Minumum Damaga
+172 Strength
+79 Intel
+29 Poison Res
+68 All Res
187 Strength
27 Physical Resist
18% Gold Find
Crit Damage 24%
Crit Chance 6.0%
35% Exp Bonus

first and only I made so far. trying to get another which I assume will be junk for my follower
i have made 5 all have been crap i finally got 1 of the 3 stats u want(ais,cc,cd) but the other stats didnt help it...was 6 ais btw so no luck yet
This is my 1st ring:

CC 4.5%
CD 45%
DEX 191
VIT 59
FireR 57
i think the one im wearing beats all :]

50% cd
4% crit chance
just made my first.

196 str
75 int
71 vit
41 lite res
29 crit dam
The one I'm wearing is the best of the 4 I've made. Even it's meh, but it is interesting that my primary int stat is 270. I guess it rolled int separately as well and added them. The big health globe bonus in nice too. Too bad no crit chance :(
Those are some nice rings guys. My best was my first and Im wearing it now.
This is my 1st hope to have better luck next time ...but it will have to do ..for now ..
mines alright attack speed/ crit chance
Mines pretty dope. Its on my barb. 6% IAS , 3% C.C , 30-62 damage. That 30-62 damage adds a boat load.

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