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yah i got a pretty dope roll like third try. 28max dmg 189str 9%ias 5.5cc
The one Im wearing is pretty awsome. It was my second roll. The only thing is all of the stats rolled low.
Check minez out, i'm very happy with it.
Here is about 39 rings, mostly worthless stat rolls. (Thats one ring for each character and the 3 followers, except for 1 I think.)
best one i've got is on my wizard. 6iAS, 3.5% crit chance, some strength and some dex
The one I crafted yesterday (on my DH)
26-51 dmg
Attack speed increased by 9%
3.5% crit chance
35% exp bonus
Got mine on my 5th role lol

+20 min dmg
191 str
5% life
45% cd
4% cc
my second roll, im damn happy with it ^^
Mine have been not so great. But there was someone who posted recently who had a good Trifecta and Life % ring.
One in my barb is my best on. OS, cc str, AR, +min max dmg

my best hellfire ring after crafting about 20 of them. Still working for a tri-facta (if possible tri-facta + AR/avg dmg)
Idk about them being the best, but they are on my toon's. The barb ring took 8 rolls. The demon hunter only took 5 rolls. That is what stoked me the most out of it all... lol
7th roll havn't rolled once since.

29-80 Ave Dam (Double Roll)
33% CD
4.5 CC
194 Dex

Went on the PTR a few days ago and roll all 32 of them I had saved up and didn't get anything close. I hope I am as lucky when I craft new gloves and amulet in 1.0.7.

+188 Dexterity
Attack speed increased by 9%
Critical hit damage increased by 33%
194 STR
66 dex
148 VIT
48 res all
5% crit chance
Mine is the best one I've rolled. Wish I could get one with IAS.

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