Final convo for Shen Achiev. cannot be found

Bug Report
Achievement "everybody loves shen" listening to all his conversations seems to have added to the required talks a conversation called "victory" that did not exist prior to 1.05 as a criteria.
Ive done anything i can to think of but this conversation does not show up for shen and I am left without "victory" without the shen achievement, by extension the achievement for the blacksmith and shen together and finally the ultimate conversation achievement.

....Whats up with this?
Having same issue here.
hmm this was working in 1.04, ive seen a few threads on this tho everyone saying going through act IV & it's not popping at the correct time... I do remember it being one of those tricky coversations thats only available for a very short period in the story progression, but if your following the guides from 1.04 & earlier & it's not there, sounds like it could use some tweaking to me
This happened with one of the Act 2 lore achievements, too, they stuck a new book in by accident(it's actually a book from Act 1).

Made a thread about it a while ago hope it ended up on their list! Last one I need :(

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