The Raining Meteor build *Starters' edition*

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The Raining Meteor Build

- Added an advanced version of this build using molten impact!
- Added a group play demo with uber boss fight !
- Added a video of how i handle reflect damage mobs on this build !
- Added a better gameplay demonstration of advanced meteor build ! *MP8 Farm vid*

Hello to everyone and specially to fellow pupils of the wizardry path. I'd like to share a build that I came up with. It isn't through any random skill generator that I used to derive at. It is through many experimenting and testing that I can safely consider this build an actual usable build. So please, do take some time off and read what i humbly offer. I present to you the RM build.

I'm a Wizard and I rate this build 10/10

Playing with this build is the most fun I've had with the wizard :) Crazy dmg and very fun. Just the way a wizard should be

This build is so much fun, thanks!!

works very nicely...

Very strong build. Farming ACt 3 MP5 very efficiently with it. With only 10 APOC I replaced Magic Weapon with Arcanot for fast AP regen.

Fast, strong and FUN!

dont have the gear to perma cast meteor, so i tweaked ur build to better fit me

but just wanted to say time warp and starpact is an unbelivable powerful combo, try it!

nice build and idea

Best build for MP6+ ever!

*Feedbacks are from EU/US thread* :


MP 10 -

MP 6 -

*NEW* Advanced Raining Meteor build GUIDE -
- Molten impact SPAMMABLE
- Group play video, including UBER boss fight! -
- Dealing with reflect damage video! -
- Better gameplay demonstration of advanced meteor build ! *MP 8 Farm Vid*

*Credits to Gcanum for great suggestions for this build!*

*For those using the starpact build, may this be a goal to strive for to improve the meteor build*

As you can see from the video, there's abit of kiting, nothing too intensive, with little - no downtime at all. Damage done is very high and with teleport +diamond skin+ slow time, it is very easy to escape from anything.

What is the RM build?
It is the acronym for the words raining meteors

Whats up with that name?
Meteors! hence the name.

So what's great about this build?
It is a very fancy yet viable build. This build boasts of versatility in combat, while dishing out high damage, and the ability of survivability. Also, it is very co-op friendly as it boasts skills that would have a huge impact on big fights and unlike archon, there is no downtime.

How do you play this build?
Slow time as a stronghold, casting meteors to annihilate your enemies while your foes struggle to touch you, and then teleporting when they're just about to touch you. Spamming meteors while you are in diamond skin form, with slow time as both a defensive and offensive barrier, and using teleport to reposition yourself. With critical mass and evocation, and using meteors to proc, all skills would be spammable.

What skills do you use and why?

Active skills

Meteor; starpact - With the delay time reduced, this spell is now much more viable and easier to hit. This will be your main damage spell, starpact to reduce cost of meteor so you can use more of it.

Teleport; fracture - basic survival skill, great for distraction to blast your meteors away at distracted unknowing foes

Slow time; time warp - This skill serves as both an offensive and defensive mechanism. The huge buff boasts a 60% reduction in enemy's movement speed and 90% to range projectiles, which means your close to untouchable with this nifty skill up your sleeves. Also, with time warp skill rune, monsters in the bubble will take 20% more damage, now combine that with a series of meteors...

Storm armor; Power of the Storm - This will be your second damage dealing skill, lightning that deals 100% of your damage every sec? That's insane! Any leftover foes unfinished by your meteors will be finished by the lightning. Using Power of the Storm would reduce meteor ap cost to 32, more meteors!!!

Diamond skin; Prism - This is probably the most important skill to make this build work. Prism reduces all ap cost of spells by a whooping 7. Combine this with Storm armor's ap reduction, meteor starpact would only need 25 arcane power to cast.

Magic Weapon; (SR of your choice) - This is probably a user's preferrence thing. I have no lifesteal % on my gear so i use blood magic. If you have lifesteal on your gear, you could use other skill runes like force weapon.

Passive skills

Critical mass - required for continous usage of diamond skin, teleport and slow time.
Evocation - Same as critical mass.
Astral presence - This is important because without ap, you can't deal your damage.


Skills that i used for the build

Heal - Well, its a kiting build so heal is gonna be very useful. Use heal!
Intimidate - Intimidate is good because of the slow, when there's one mob left, that slow would help you to precise your meteors.
Inspire - Arcane power regen! Even if its 0.5, i think its better than the other skill :P

Scoundrel *This is my standard follower*
Crippling shot - Slows enemy by 60%, definitely! More snares = better meteors!
Dirty fighting - Now this is probably the skill why i picked scoundrel for, it blinds enemy (its more like paralyze though), they can't move or anything, perfect time to bomb away!
Powered Shot - 50% chance to stun! Wow, another disable ability! Same reason as before!
Anatomy - I chose this because it grants 3% bonus cc, which cc is needed to proc CM and APoC

Forceful push - Since you'll be kiting with slowtime and meteors, the knockback of this would help greatly because well it basically pushes enemy back! Sometimes back into your meteors and slowtime! A great life saver skill too!
Powered Armor - Increases armor and snares attacker by 30%, great especially against fast monsters who you can't seem to outrun, this might give you the edge!
Disorient - Sort of like the scoundrel's dirty fighting ability, except they move randomly, well still great!
Mass Control - An AOE hex ! For 5 LONG seconds?! get ready to be bombarded by a horde of meteors diablo minions muahahhaha

Pros of this build
1. Flashy! Thats what you played a wizard for. To use flashy spells
2. High damage output and high survivability
3. Requires lesser spamming than CM/WW build
4. Co-op friendly. Major influence in boss battles.
5. Gear set allows you to configure to many other builds because of high source of ap.
6. Unique! too many cm/ww around ! time for a new build to arise :P.

Cons of this build
1. It is quite expensive to gear (now now, which wizard's build isn't :P)
2. Everything has a weakness, so does this build. It boasts high amount of damage at once so reflect damage affix would be your nightmare, but it is alleviated by a little kiting and using meteors in diamond skin form.
3. Diamond skin is not used for tanking purposes unlike the CM/WW build, but it does help out in the defensive department.
4. Requires more spamming than Archon build

That's about it for my build! I hope you guys enjoyed it and I thank you all for your time into reading my little guide on my build, constructive comments are welcomed!

And on a last note, it isn't always about damage. :P

Feedbacks are greatly valued and appreciated!

*Other links* - credits to Sceleus - WW/METEOR build by Aphraell
bump for one of the best wiz i've ever partied with!
refreshing to see such a unique build work so effectively. THUMBS UP !
thanks for the vouch korlic~
really amazing, Emperor! Going to try this build today!
Damn! What about reflects? what u doing?
What MP level are you running this at with your current equipment?

thanks :D! the only thing that i have trouble with are reflects, i kite more fighting them and go easy on the meteors, letting my lightning work its magic and only use meteors when im in diamond skin mode. life steal on magic weapon seem to help alot too

@mdorgan i'm running this spec on mp6, i've tested it on mp10 and i can use it there too,only reflect damage and hulk phasebeasts are killers!!
Looks like it could be a fun spec to mess around with when I want to take a break from ww/cm, i'll give it a whirl this weekend some time, although I fully expect reflect to eat my lunch in 1 meteor lol. Thanks for posting.

Not sure how efficient it is compared to other builds but it certainly looks fun and original. Props on developing it and making it work.
Nice job. Will give it a try later today!
I'm still fairly scrub-ish (just came back to the game about a week ago) , this was a nice change of pace vs the WW/CM i've been doing this entire week ... granted I'm just doing MP2 so what do I know lol.
To be honest, you could swap storm armor for pinpoint barrier since it doesn't help meteor that significantly. With prism and -4/-5 meteor sources on, you won't really need the 3 extra ap reduction.
Power of the Storm is what you'd want to use in my build or a similar one, the main thing it gives you is infinite RoF Cold Blood when paired with Astral Presence.
10/19/2012 08:31 AMPosted by nitrocan
To be honest, you could swap storm armor for pinpoint barrier since it doesn't help meteor that significantly. With prism and -4/-5 meteor sources on, you won't really need the 3 extra ap reduction.

yes i've explored into that before, but storm armor really outshines pinpoint big time. 100% of weapon dmg every sec + reduction ap cost beats 5% crit and armor definitely... if you look at the demonstration video i've provided, the amount of lightnings is insane!!! 5% crit chance definitely can't outdps that... it only increases dps the number in your character profile. also, its mainly used as a finishing spell where there's 1 or 2 mob standing around after your wake of meteors, and you don't wanna use a meteor for them lol :P its all about fun really.
I might try this out but it does make all my IAS useless. I just experimented with a Sleet Storm build and it's pretty fun but too many deaths.

Too many Wiz Passives are garbage.
I've got some time to play this weekend and I'm going to give this a whirl. CM/WW in 1.0.5 is really making my fingers hurt against ubers in MP6+...

10/19/2012 09:29 AMPosted by Seraph
but it does make all my IAS useless.

IAS I thought was only useless for our channeled abilities? Doesn't it help with more ticks per sec on meteors' DOT same as it does for WW? Or am I mistaken...
No Illusionist?

I am not sure about the ticks on meteor. IAS will help cast more faster but you run out of AP anyway. Less opportunity for crit to give you AP to spam meteor.
cool build, bro. I found a good two-hand weapon, so I tried to use an AP-heavy meteor build. I use the meteor shower rune, and I am LOVING it so far. I was getting tired of throwing a meteor and missing, and the shotgun nature of meteor shower makes it almost impossible to miss. it isn't as good as molten impact or star pact for single target damage, because if spreads its 728% damage over 7 distinct meteors. but if you are facing a fairly spread-out pack, it's easy for all 7 of your meteors to hit, some of which will even hit multiple enemies, for more than 728% damage! with typical meteors, you either crit, and do godly damage, or don't crit, and do meh damage. but with meteor shower, each meteor rolls for crits separately, so the damage is more uniform. also, because of the staggered nature of the mini-meteors, the first meteor hits, triggers conflagration's 10% dmg bonus, and then the next meteor hits for increased dmg, and so on. I have been running with meteor shower and spectral blades, but meteor alone does so much damage, and with astral presence I can cast it so quickly, that I don't really need any other dmg spells.
Meteor is a fixed 2 ticks/sec unlike ET.

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