The Raining Meteor build *Starters' edition*

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emperor, thanks a bunch for the awesome build. Ive had alot of fun with it.

I gotta say though, I am doing just fine without lifesteal on my weapon since it already has a high base dps and high crit damage on it. I just throw on the 1.5% lifesteal rune and thats more than enough it seems.

Would I like to find a nice lifesteal weapon? I definitely would, but the ones i like in the 1100 dps range seem to be WAY out of my price range. :(

I got the wand I am using for 14 mill. Quite a steal.
@Kalidore - your welcome! well, i've only seen two weapons with apoc socket and LS with above 1100 dps ! its very hard to roll that well. the main reason why i chose a LS weapon is to free up a skill slot for arcanot because i wanted to maximize my ap usage for the molten impact build~
11/08/2012 05:41 AMPosted by Emperor
@Valcrist - very nice build ! have you tried split shot rune on magic missiles? does the seperate shots of each proc apoc? if it does, wow !

Thanks man! Each missile for Split procs but they only proc for 0.35 each. So you only get the full proc (1.05 to be exact) if all 3 missiles hit a target (which doesn't happen all the time). Best is really Seeker coz you get the full 1.00 proc straight up, plus the homing feature guarantees a sure hit (that is, if you're not like me and you don't try to cast them behind obstacles LOL).

BTW for people wondering about gear, like I said previously I'm primarily a CM wiz. Which means if you're geared up for CM, you can run MMR (Magic Meteor Rain) without any problems. Which is cool since you now have an option to kite when you feel like it
I actually considered that. But the main purpose of the missiles are for procs (AP cost & timer redux). The goal is to cast Meteor and Seeker at the same time so you don't waste an attack turn. 5 missiles >> 1 meteor would be lower DPS overall even with +75% from Arcane Dynamo. Since for the time it takes you to cast that, you could've already unleashed 6 missiles AND 6 meteors

Sorry if I was unclear, I wasn't suggesting that you change the way you play to accomodate AD (casting 5 missiles and then 1 meteor so every meteor is +75%), I was just suggesting that you throw the passive on there for occasional free damage. If you can cast a missile and a meteor at the same time, your rotation would look like:

1. MM, Meteor
2. MM, Meteor
3. MM, Meteor
4. MM, Meteor
5. MM, Meteor
(5th MM hits)
6. MM, +75% meteor
7. Go to 2, 1/5 of your meteors would do +75% damage. Looking at the spec, Conflag is the only passive it'd make sense to replace (unless you have so much APoC that you can drop Prodigy), so the pros/cons would be:

(pro) 75% / 5 = 15%, more damage than you get from Conflag.
(pro) Works with Comet or Star Pact if anybody wants to use those instead.
(con) Burstier damage might get you killed by RD
(con) No conflag debuff to help out party members in group play
(con) Extra damage only applies to meteors, not MM probably not worth it, but worth considering maybe.
Emperor, I don't know if anyone else mentioned this but have you tried switching magic weapon for mirror image? MI is a perfect choice for meteor builds:
- You will have more time to stand still and cast meteor => more output damage, more life steal.
- You don't need to run away from frozen as you can cast mirror even when you are frozen & it will brake frozen. It will brake jailer too. While teleport can break roots, you cannot cast it when frozen.
- Clones will take a lot of heat off you, especially useful for anyone with low mitigation. You will see significant difference facing those phase beasts or surrounded by mobs when teleport is not ready.
- It is very helpful against those nightmarish, knockback.

In short, you can stand still more often, will deal more damage, have more life steal and mitigation.

If you need life steal from magic weapon, then I would swap either slow time or teleport for mirror. I personally drop teleport for mirror for my meteor build as I don't use a LS weapon. If you have both mirror and teleport, I'm sure you will rarely die and will be able to escape in any situation.
@Rock - MI doesn't really work well because whenever i use teleport fracture, the MI images disappears, or whenever i use MI, the teleport fracture disappears ^^ .
@Emperor - That should not be the reason for MI not to work... I would not run/teleport anywhere if my clones are still active... and I did not intend to combine MI with teleport either. One of the reasons to use MI is to stand and cast more meteors.

Simple test if you want to try: stand still and cast meteor either with or without mirror duplicates until you die and see if mirror does any changes on your damage, mitigation... Also try it with phase beast elites or frozen or nightmarish packs...

But if it is you don't like MI then just forget about my post :)
^^^^^Rock Suggested this to me a couple days ago....we were slaying MP7 with MI, and it !!!!rocks!!!! the damage mitigation in my opinion is better than FN and allows for a constant rain of meteors. This is Def a Kite forward (read standing in the middle mobs, Phase-beasts etc without any freeze and knocking them down) Emp, If your on tonight doa a run with us
Hey guys, I want to try this build but I have several questions:

1. How does it compare to other Meteor builds such as this one? Such as or Aph's build (linked at the end of the first post). As in which is more effective against elites and ubers at high MPs, and which one has a higher DPS output? I think one of the big things drawing me to this build though is that I don't have to spam Frost Nova+Explosive Blast every second of the fight.

2. How well does the build handle when there are only 1-2 mobs, such as in ubers or when you've killed off an elite's minions? Some of the other builds require Living Lightning in between attacks but I don't want to spam anything but Meteors here.

3. What is the advantage of using Star Pact and Molten Impact over Meteor Shower, assuming that Meteor Shower can proc more since it's 7 hits?

Thanks in advance, guys!
1. It all comes down to play style/damage mitigation/and how fast you can kill stuff(MP Lvls)
I Did an MP10 Uber run last night with Rock and BassDerek, I run a solid Meteor Build
using Meteor Shower. I prefer a medium to close range style and and as long as I'm raining MS I stay alive. I've goofed with liquefy,Comet, starpact & molten and have settled 100% on Shower the multiple hits combined with my LS and LOH are just too good. So I had to use MS while farming NV for MP10 uber. When we fought Ghom and that sworded dude, Rock and BD locked them down and I rained on them I feel over all for that circumstance Molten would have been a better damge dealer, but I would have died much more trying to get NV stacks.( Note: Make sure if you use LL to have Meteor assigned to a key and not your mouse.....This allows simultaneous use of LL while dropping bombs and almost no down time due to low AP)

2. My version handles great, hitting only Ghom with LL I was able to do constant rain of MS. If you plan on kiting abit then a Tals bonus +astral presence and some Apoc should work for you.(

3. depends on your playstyle but for my playstyle (standing in the middle of mobs) I get way more bang for my buck with MS.

4. also standing in the middle of mobs using LL means instant recovery of AP as fast as you click instead of waiting for LL to travel halfway across the screen.

first off, love your build. I enjoy watching those big !@# rocks falling and killing mobs...haha
If you could take a look at my current gear, which items do i need to upgrade? I am only sitting at around 72k dps....I want to bump that up to 120K ish
You guys need to try star pact with 2.8+ APS, 20 apoc, and enough meteor cost reduction items.
With this build its not that you can just keep spamming the meteor like the videos I've seen, its the speed and refreshing diamond skin so fast that you can keep up the -7 cost on diamond skin.
I saw the videos of spammable meteor but its very slow in comparison, the high APS applys even to meteor just like high APS applys to the WW/cm build.

Also, I'd say every rune of meteor is very viable. Comet for example (the ice meteor version) really reduces the need to use other survivability skill slots because the 60% slow is very effective and if you have very high APS the delay reduction from it makes it seem as if you can cast this anywhere instantly.

With Meteor Shower it can be used in the same way that energy twister is used with nova/diamondskin/explosive blast
Hi all, maybe a stupid question but i wonder which stat combination on a source is more valluable for this meteor build.

If you have the choice between one with 9apoc an -5 meteor, or 10apoc and -4 meteor, which source would you prefer

Is there a a noticeable difference for this build?

Best regards,
Hey Emperor - thanks for this build - made me play my wiz again!

I'm still running Star pact, as I need more -meteor cost items to be able to run some other rune. I still have trouble on single targets.
Runing MP5 fine at the moment.

@Gcanum - can you post a video maybe? I'm intrigued by your build and would like to try it, but you know it's always easier when you see a video.

@Emperor - any chance to get a video of the other Ubers?
I'm playing around with a variant of this for really fast low MP farming--rather than chase APOC I'm stacking Pickup Radius with Power Hungry (30 AP with globe). Right now I've got 12 PUR and 11,000 healing per globe. Figure I'll add one more piece of PUR. With 147 AP I fire three meteors, run a few steps to suck up globes, fire three meteors, etc. Hydra and storm armor are killing trash and ensure a steady supply of globes.

Gotta have 24 movement speed for it to work and a decent pool of health (30K or so).

Only weakness thus far is that if your MP exceeds your DPS level and you're having to kite then all those delicious health globes are left behind. You need to be able to run in circles in open areas and stand around choke points so you can swoop in in constrained areas.

Got no idea how this build works in high MP or against ubers.
1. in terms of dps output, definately Aph's build. because, you don't need to kite, thus more damage per second! but as you said, it requires you to spam fn, eb, et, meteor, diamond skin, so thats alot of work lol.

2. when there is 1-2 mobs, there is downtime, but with high ap regen, the downtime is so minimal, only you would notice it, your party members would not. that is why i recommend tal's set for this build, its cheap and effective.

3. meteor shower covers a wider area, with 7 distinct meteors spread over. i'd say its great for mob densed places like bridge of korsik, vault of assassin. it all depends on your personal preference, for me, i love molten impact because of the really crazy amount of damage it does, and im casting it as if it was a magic missile ! and it's also easier to aim :P

- getting a black weapon (like the one i recommend in the video, see my weapon for an example), will net you a very very huge damage boost. get one with APOC, LS, and a socket/ crit dmg ! also, get a gloves with high CC and CD with INT. for this build, IAS is not needed. CD with CC will be the highest damage provider.

- definately -5 ap cost as it's a guaranteed ap profit

- will see about it !
Thanks - but it's ok. Did Ubers last night on MP5 and it went quite well.
Got myself a Tals offhand which helps, but I don't feel I'm quite there yet to sustain the molten rune. Working on that.

So I was wondering if the set bonus from Tals is really worth going for - do you feel a difference with the 2 AP/sec or would it be better to get a Maras with -5 AP cost?

Also I'm wondering... I see that the lightning from storm armor can crit. Does that proc APoC?

I tried Gcanums build - and it's a bit too much smashing buttons for my taste, stressed me too much and I died alot more.
@Caris - there's couple of reasons why i wouldn't choose a mara over tal's ammy, but here's the main reason why
1. tal ammy would always provide higher dps than mara's unless it's a extremely well rolled mara which would likely cost a few billion :P

but a well rolled mara would always > tal's ammy for this build, its just that its very hard to grab hold of one! i would consider the 2ap bonus a bonus actually. it's quite useful actually.

i don't think storm armor can proc apoc ^^.

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