The Raining Meteor build *Starters' edition*

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Keep in mind that I am comparing a Chantodo w/o Socket with the Axe WITH Socket.

MP4 mobs are almost insta dead when got critical hehe

Noticed too that reflect damage are more dangerous! Need to slow kill them to survive, 3-4 meteor crits and you die even with 1.5% LS

For ultimate weapon I'll say that hight dps wand + socket + LS + apoc is the perfect combo

The Axe lacks Apoc and you choose between LS or Socket, the Life on Hit don't help much but for starting is a good combo with all the passives and fire dmg gains.
i dont have enought APoc and no Meteor Cost Reduction anyway currently so i can barely do the build ^^;
The cold build i am using works well but reflect dmg is too much 1 good crit from meteor will nearly kill you if you are getting the 15% dmg from frost nova and 20% from slow time.
Plus the DoT dmg from the cold meteor will finish you off pretty quick with reflect.
What companion works best with this build? I assume Templar with the new mana regen being boosted from 2 to 4...but i am looking for clarification or other suggestions.
sadly Wizard dont use mana so its irevelant we use Arcane Power
wave of force build is still better...

no but srsly i switched that bladebuff with it and its kinda fun seeing them try to get close and get pushed back XD
@CosmoKramer - Updated! added a followers' section on the front page
I definetely like my new build with molten impact + Axe because it kill much faster, got back to star pack + chantodo and was like damn 4-8 meteor to kill a thing, even spaming without loosing AP was much slower than with Burning axe of Sankis, at night will try with meteor shower to see if proc more APOC and more viable too.

No money for upgrades right now, so new SoJ and Skull Gasp will wait...
10/25/2012 10:52 AMPosted by Emperor
@CosmoKramer - Updated! added a followers' section on the front page

cool, ty!
Hey everyone! Be sure to check out the new advanced version of this build! Updated on the front page!

sorry that i consolidated the whole guide into a video! i didn't want to create another thread for something similar !
Love the build altough I changed Slow Time for Mirror Image & Teleport Rune for Wormhole, i can teleport 4 times either to escape or just change my position. Working pretty good right now!
I was following this thread since you have created it, and I gotta say that this is quite a positive change from my archon build.

It is much better in co-op, I look cool tossin meteors all around, and whats better, I feel good doing that.

I am still lacking gear, but working on it. Keep updating the thread, post everything you think might be of a help to people using this build, or any similiar meteor build.

Cheers from Europe!
Love this build it made playing a wizard actually fun again :D, and i've been using the advanced meteor build (change starpact to molten impact) went from 400-500k crits up to 800k crits. :D freakin' love it! ^_^ the ap due to tals and the 30 APOC I have make it easier just got to upgrade one last piece of gear. My tals offhand to get that -5 meteor instead of -1.

Thumbs up to this build!
@NamAhn - nice innovation ! but ... there's no snare :\

@Doriot - thank you ! all the best in upgrading your gear!

@Oveze - i'm glad you had fun! yes tal rasha rocks!
If u wanna run this cool build, you need this cool source: (9ApoC, ~120-450 dmg, 10%cc, -5AP Meteors)

Bid here:
tried it this morning mp6. totally doable. with more practice, can reduce dying significantly i reckon. didn't get evocation though, i sticked with glass cannon. dps is like almost 130k with GC. ill try switch it later.

This is what wiz should look like. very flashy and with teleport u rarely die. props to OP. respect!
With the version of this build I'm using right now (see profile), I'm literally only limited by how fast I can press the button to spam Meteors. It's working basically the same as the WW build, except instead of spamming WW I'm spamming LL as fast as possible, and Meteors in between - NEVER hearing "I need more Arcane Power!", even on single targets with only 20 APoC!!

Totally insane damage and I'm pretty sure I'm killing faster than when I run shocknadoshards. So far so good and loving it on MP5, gonna give MP6 a shot tonight!
thaks for your info...
awesome build dude, i tested it on mp4 cuz my gear is lil bit low and after changing helm& source, my dps reduces but i can easily kill elites right now. i had a lot of fun
One day using the build with The fire axe (with molten impact), only 9 APOC and -5 meteor I'd say it's doable and very fun.

@Emperor I think the Axe with Socket surpasses your weapon by a large margin. And an SoJ with +% fire dmg will gain little more from conflagration :p and maybe -14 and +20 APOC is sufficient to mantain molten impact. Right now with few mobs I need to wait a little to get back AP, but it's much faster than star pack or my normal socket weapon.

What I do now is changing my weapon to a LS when there are reflect dmg elites, the rest go only with blood magic and fire axe.

MP5 mobs are easy now, I don't wanna try more because of lack AP when there is only 1 elite to kill, I need to go around to regen, when I get SoJ and Skull Grasp I think i'll kill MP8.

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