How is everyone getting Legendary Drops?

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How is everyone complaining about drops of Legendary items?
I haven't had any good drops since the update.
I Have high MF on my Witch Doctor and still he only gets a few drops of yellows never any Legendary's even on 5 stacks of Valor and on MP5 (thats all i can do without dying to much)
What am I doing wrong?
Please give me some tips on how you are all getting such great drops, it would be much appreciated.
I think the question should actually be - how is everyone not getting heaps of legendary and set drops?

Weekends are my prime time for farming, I found 23 leg/sets, including a godly double drop of zunimassa with chantando.

I would offer to play with you to help with elite farming, but I don't like playing with WD's as their pets lag me.
I could switch my gear to wizard but its all good. thats for some insight. wonder y im not getting anything good :(
check out my wizard - all the sets/legs i found yesterday
i hadnt found any for 3 days and managed to build 3 inferno machines, so thats alot of rares all up, close t o300%mf, but yesterday and today i found 4, so its all luck im afraid. :(
wow ur stuff is awesome! wish i could get drops like that :(
My !@#$ty items got nothing on urs.
can i join ur games to give u MF and u help kill everything?
Some items can be hidden in game subjects (my 2 set items came from weapon rack in A3 and vase in A4). I gained 18 paragons farming A1 for gear and got 4 legs, went for keys hunting (+5 plvl) and 2 sets and numbers of legs.

And don't wait for them, they always unexpected :)
I have 256% MF
ghost: I just looked at ur gear. You have very high MF, but low dps. I am very sure you are not killing things fast enough, epsecially on MP5. You need an equilibirum. I suggest either gear up for more dps to kill stuff faster on MP5 and less MF, or drop back to ~MP2. You will start seeing a difference very soon imo.
Thats good i wish i was enjoying myself more..
where are all my drops :(
guess ill get back to doing runs. i hope i get something today
thanks for the great advise seansky.
ill try dropping back to MP2 and try to complete runs faster. if that doesnt work ill re think my gear and get better items so that i can go on a higher MP and complete runs faster. Thanks!
i would drop pretty much all your MF, i have hardly any MF gear on my barb but with paragon level, stacks, MP and my follower i have around 380%

look on the AH for bargain upgrades, aside from gems, i haven't bought anything over 1m
thanks Jasian will get new items without MF and lvl up my paragon level
@ghost... I was in the same boat as you, had been playing for so long with out any drops seriously thought my game was broken. I was getting decent lvl 63 yellows but no legendaries or sets. Today I found the wailing host set ring and a crappy woremonger act 2 with 249 mf on mp 2 and that was within an hour of each other. So I think just keep Doing what your doing they will drop eventually.
I only really play with my girlfriend so we have pretty much the same play time (not alot I know) but I have found 3 legendaries (not great) and 1 set peice (Nats Footprints which netted me a nice 60 mil that I have used to buy all my upgrades) 3 of those were post patch. But she has not seen any. We havent really worked on mf through gear so it almost all comes from Paragon, NV and monster power. Its pretty much sheer luck. Still I am happy that I am on the lucky side of things.
Just keep pushing and eventually your turn should come.

Not that I am really in a position to comment but Monster power and Paragon seem to be the determining factors to me, so It might be worth focusing on those. and as above the more efficiently you push through the better your chances are.
10/21/2012 10:34 PMPosted by GH05T
I have 256% MF

at about 490% MF, I get around 1-2 leg/set an hour doing fast run.
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yeah i guess ill just keep trying..
i finally got a hellfire ring but still no leg/set drops :(

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