Remove the wallers skill from elites...

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Worst combination : fast, molten, vortex, minion. Wallers a little annoying but it's not a bad game mechanic IMO.

But really, the only ones that I really dislike are Vortex, since there's nothing we can do about them (just like Reflect damage, but I have no problems with RD). I hate being vortexed in a waller/molten/arcane orb.
lol @ breakable walls.. other things we should be able to do.

Pour water on molten
Stop arcane sentries from spinning
Escape from jailer
Pop frozen orbs
Yes, waller is the only affix that can stop a Barb from moving, should be removed.
why not just ask for potions to have instant recast + a 50k hp heal

and also remove all elemental dmg so that you don't have to buy gears with all resistance
I love the walls it keeps the mobs away from me which as a DH saves my bacon a LOT.
I am going to start a thread to call for removal of all affixes.
Why should elites and champions have these abilities?
I am the one who should be godlike in this game......
10/22/2012 10:29 PMPosted by ArchAngel
more whining losers ,jezzzzzzzz go away

What a troll. Oh by the way, could this be your profile?
Nothing should change except for bug fixes. Strength / weakness exist for every player so gear for it the best you can.

Jailers.. I can escape from them with spirit walk. Walls I can run around most of them with spirit walk to leap over with my barb. Freeze, I can spirit walk out of it. Fast mobs I use medusa spiders to slow them by 60%. I have res all and life regen that slows or resist plague pools and desecraters. Manage you skills properly.

Some of you newer players didn't experience agro timers or elite health resets when everyone dies. Vamipire elite regening as fast as you hit them. That sucked. You die now and you go back and work them down.
Remove Walls (cos omg they block me)
Remove Desecrate (cos omg they should not cast fire under my feet)
Remove Reflect Damage (cos omg i r kill ma self)
Remove Vampiric (cos omg why teh mobs are healings ??!)
Remove Molten (cos omg I can't run behind the boss anymore)
Remove Arcane (cos omg I can't run in straight lines anymore)

cos omg...
introduce black sheep wall so we know where the uber bosses are
operation cwal for better drops
show me the money for 100m gold
power overwhelming for doing terrible terrible damage and 9999 armour and resist
are you guys ok? how can that be a challenge if u can't do anything about it? Maybe for wiz with teleport its ok but as a DH when they lock u out with walls where u cant move anymore, u can't do anything about it, u just w8 and die...

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