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Hello and good morning all.

First I want to say that I (and most everyone else) am very pleased with 1.0.5, and what seems to be the general direction D3 has been changing. No great game ever started out perfect. However, there are still things that the community needs before D3 can take its place among the greatest games of all time (looking at you D2). Of all the things the community is yearning for I believe a Server List of all public games is something most of us can come together and agree on.

Here are my points/suggestions (re-post from my Reddit submission)

In its current state (and in my opinion), Diablo 3 does not make a good attempt of getting players to play with each other. Also, in my opinion, I believe D2's simple browser list was much better with some room for improvement. I won't make a big statement, but rather I'll make some points.

•The current method of finding games is over complicated, the ability to create a server with a name like "A2 MP3 runs!" or "Kill Inferno Butcher" will do much better.
•It is impossible to tell if someone is progressing or farming in the current system, the only way to find out is to join a game (at random for that "quest").
•I believe the amount of join-able players (at least in HC) speaks to Blizzards failure to give us the tools necessary to get pubs together.
My suggestions.

•Completely remove the current system.
•When a player creates a game, it should default to public (much like D2).
•The player will choose a server name, then jump into the game (again, just like D2).
•Players who wish to play by themselves will be able to do so by clicking "Private/Friends Only" option.
•This option may also be changed once the game has been created.
•Allow the server creator to "reset" an act, for continuous runs of the same act/area without having to re-invite the group.

So, there's my two cents. I'd love to hear if any of you have more ideas about a new system. Hopefully we can pick up some attention here and make another post over at (Figured I would test the waters here before the much more turbulent forums.)

(note, again, the second half of this was reposted from my Reddit submission)

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