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Got lag.
It is as if my fps drops below 20fps and everything is slightly in slow motion - even though my fps is a steady 60. I mostly experience this in Act 1 catacombs.

Connection: 80ms
CPU: i7 @ 4.3Ghz
Ram: 16gb @ 1866Mhz
Gfx: GeForce GTC 580 @ 800Mhz
HD: 3G SSD disk

I haven't played since patch 1.0.1 so this is new to me and don't know when the problem has occurred.
same here, even i found its struggle to login the game as well as create a game, error 3006& 300008 keep poping lol
Same issue here. I tried to play D3 and had to stop due to awful lag. Played WoW for the past 3 hours and I only lagged once, and that's because I decided to update my games in Steam.

Fix please.
I have massive latency problems now..... jumps in the range of 600-2500. although internet seems to be working fine..........
same here :(( wasn't like this before 1.0.5
funny thing is that i have ping problems on Asian servers (i live in Vietnam). Even on American servers ping is better and more stable now. huh....
This is the problem when you don't allow offline play. Their systems need to be flawless, anything less unacceptable. Siphon off some WoW subscription fees and fix this mess.
Same problem here. My character in inferno lags so much. It takes about a minute for an action to respond. But when I use my non-inferno characters, the gameplay is flawless. What is up with that?
I am havin the same f*** problem. Usually when i just walkin latency goes "green", when i start a fight, even it's bosses or elites, takes few sec to respond wat is enough to die w/ my monk :(.
cant stand this lag anymore, game lags out and when it returns im dead and my repiar costs a through the please help blizzard i paid for the game fair and square
Same here. Started with the 1.0.5 patch and the game is barely playable.
What pisses me off the most is that there is still no blue reply. Are we getting a fix for this problem or what?!
Same damn thing here, tired of paying for my repair bills!
OK guys.. i found a solution! And this works with Windows (this is my OS).

Im quite sure here that most of the lag problem in this thread if not all is using quad cores (i3 and above processor)

What I did, after starting Diablo 3, open your Task Manager, right click Diablo 3, and set affinity. Now if you're using quadcore, check CPU 0 AND CPU 1. The key here is to put it into half. If you have 8 cores, check 4.

After this, I never had the problem of lagging again!
HalayKing, its not the processor thats the problem. Its the D3 servers.
+1 For this, Downloaded CPUID Hardware monitor and noticed the following:

GPU when idle : 45c - 50c

GPU when running games like Borderlands 2(2hrs), Torchlight 2(1hr) : 65c - 78c

GPU when running D3 : 75c - 91c

D3 Fully burns my card (GTX 555), causing BSODs and i'm sure like many others, this is NOT a card issue. There are many who have better cards having the same problem as us.

We all have tried what Blizzard told us to do in their many support tickets.
-Download new drivers
-Clean the GPUs
-Check for overclocking (Which D3 pushed my card to do)
-Turn on V-sync / Checking C:Drive to prevent stuttering etc

To no use. I get fluid FPS in other games, both Online and Offline, yet crap when it comes to D3.
Blizz. For the love of God fix this. Server connection after 1.05 Sucks..
Add another disgruntled fan. We wait all this time for D3 only to be crippled by online issues. I love the online aspect, but for Pete's sake, have an offline mode to allow paying customers to game when your servers or code are messed up!
I also have the same issues like the others, numerous lagg spikes and a lot of "removed from the game Error 3007" which are really frustrating.

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