423 Dex on axe, error or 1.0.5 surprise?

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Found 2h axe with +423 Dex on it. Very poor other stats, so went to vendor. Not sure if it is a bug or something new from 1.0.5 patch.

Anybody seen something like that?
Pretty high usually seen 300 plus stats but not 400
Yeah I have, I had a 2 handed 980dps sword with 515 vitality, seems they're creeping higher slowly.
Did you search the AH before asking this question? Even on the HC AH, there are a page full of 400+ and a couple have 500+.
The answer is here

[Talking to yourself "Google it before posting"]
dropped a 449 int axe before patch so they do exist....vendored it though drop rates increase just mean higher rolls are more frequent due to rng/probabilities

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