Keywardens' Lore!!!! They deserve it!

Lore and Story
Well its been days since 1.05 came out, and I really feel the enthusiasm for the infernal machine an the keys that the prime evils slipped in the wrold of Sanctuary :). Everytime I join in a game, people is talking about the key warden and the infenral machine SO....

I think that Blizz and ofcousrse the DIII Team has done great job about this gampleay mechanic and the desingn of these keywardens,I mean, the are very awesome, truly, with uniqeu attacks laike the rain of frozen corpses, teh thre firebolt spell... they are extremely cool.
These monsters, these creatures NEED BACKSTORY, NEED LORE... why?
Cause the keep the keys of Baal, Mephisto and Diablo...artifacts of great, but occult power, they are not random minions, they were chosen for something...The prime evils wouldn trust those keys to any fallen shaman , right?

PLZ, Jay Wilson, plz ! I'd love to see a LOG, or something about these guardians!!!

:D what do you think?
Yea do it
It would be a nice addition to the lore of the game. /bump
thanks for the support! :)
lets make a blue reads it O.o
i dont know iwhy i have the feeling thaht blues read even the threads of whiny kids...but mine dont O.o
lets make a bluee see it :D!
I agree
good idea. bump
thanks guys!
blizzard needs read this! O.o
bump it bump it!
Bump for the sake of the LORE !!!!!!
Diablo summoned them to bind players to keep playing this game, after he got beated.So they are little bit different and gives us rewards.They are new monsters in this game.
mega bump!

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