Meteor/WoF/SlowTime Build

Just a new build I found to be effective (if not new, blame blizzard for its "build diversity").

With my setup and at a monster power level of 4, I am able to quite easily farm without dying.

The skills are as follows:!eXg!ccaYac

I made a video, heres the link (sorry about the quality, but you get the general idea)

Magic Missile (Seeker) = Can be replaced with anything, but preferably a skill that helps you gain arcane power.

Meteor (Liquefy) = Your main damage dealing skill. This skill has a high relative proc coefficient that works well with the molten fire left after the hit. Other meteor runes work well too, but I find this is the most effective of them all.

Diamond Skin (Crystal Shell) = Won't be needing it much except for those 'oh $&*$' moments such as vortex or mortars.

Slow Time (Perpetuity) = Important skill with this rune as it helps a lot against the ranged attackers while also slowing down the melee.

Wave of Force (Impactful Wave) = To use when the enemies get too close. Also, a very nice feature of this skill is that it is able to knock away missiles that are slowed in the area affected by the Slow Time skill. The rune can be replaced if you are able to reduce the cooldown quick enough.
#Note: Teleport: Calamity has been suggested as a good alternative due to its faster cast animation and mobility, however it does not knock back projectiles so ranged monsters will be a problem.

Energy Armor (Prismatic Armor) = Can also be replaced with any other armor that suits you, but I just prefer it for better survivability since I don't have the best gear.

Conflagration = Replace as you wish, but I used this instead of Glass Cannon since I will be getting hit once or twice eventually.

Astral Presence = Used to increase your arcane power as Meteor costs a lot without expensive gear.

Critical Mass = Reduces cooldowns of Diamond Skin, Slow Time and Wave of Force.

Explanation: This is a close-ranged build, i.e. you will be at a distance just far away enough so you won't get hit, but close enough to avoid mortars (or just dodge them like a pro) and be near the Slow Time field.

When enemies get too close or there are too many missiles in the Slow Time field, cast Wave of Force to knock them back while spamming meteor.

The only problem you will have with this build would be in very tight areas, which is manageable but annoying, vortex and mortars. Both can be avoided easily by keeping distance and getting used to the build.

Any suggestions or feedback is appreciated :)
I know not everyone is into the whole making videos thing, but a vid of this build in action would be interesting.
maybe some day if i bother to go through the hassle of installing a recording program and all...
either way, i suggest you try it. i used to be a cm/ww wizard but i die too quick now and so this seems like the perfect build for me.
what mp can u run it on?
I used to run a similar build.

But instead of WoF, consider using Teleport Calamity. I find myself using it to push monsters back on the opposite end of the SlowTime bubble. 2nd use is that you can get around the Waller elites.

Consider using the 20% damage rune for SlowTime, especially in group play.
yeah there isn't a single WoF rune that is half as attractive as teleport:calamity. It is superior to WoF in every way, ESPECIALLY cast animation. The WoF cast animation is the worst in the entire game. (I am not talking about aesthetics of cast animation, I am talking about how it makes you hopscotch and not cast other spells for half a second.)
Added a video link,

Also, if Teleport:Calamity also knocks back projectiles, it does seem like a good idea as long as it doesn't cause any arcane power troubles. Thanks :)
Unfortunately, I've just tested it and Teleport:Calamity doesn't knock back projectiles so it isn't as effective against ranged monsters. Therefore, I recommend WoF as written above.

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