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Today i was going to link the Hellfire Ring's Plan to a friend and accidently bought two plans for 2 million each. I can't sell it back,can't drop them or give it to a friend who doensn't have it yet. Guess i just lost 4 million,which is not too much but still sucks. Im keeping the plans in my stash in the hope Blizzard notice this bug and provide us (whoever did the same) a way to sell it,or at least give it to someone else...This item is in the shop just to 'burn' the gold from those who've already learned that recipe.
I bought 2 plans too but i am sure I clicked once. I think its some kinda bug.
Same problem, it's stupid. I don't know why they won't let us sell them back
Similar thing happened to me, I right clicked to buy a plan, but it bought 3 copies instead of 1. Hopefully Blizz allows us to sell back the plans for the gold back.

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