Anyone Kill Maghda after 1.05?

I got a 60(10) barb and I just got to Act 2. I read on the forums that many people had fps issues during the Maghda fight. Some of them were HC and died because of it.

Has anyone fought Maghda after 1.05 on inferno? If so how was your fps?
I JUST died to her, on nightmare though, but still, server dced me... my internet was fine, i just got dced and died. lame.
I didn't see any fps problems.
But, I always run around a bit in new areas to make sure all of the graphics are loaded before I get nasty.
I'll be fighting Magdha in a few minutes; I'll report back here if I have any fps issues.
ha ha i hope it goes well Anetheroc :)
I was farting around on normal and did indeed encounter like the absolute worst graphical/load lag or whatever you want to call it, during Maghda.
Maghda is a Pus ssy
I had a two-second period after killing her first set of minions, where my fps dropped to 0. But after that two seconds, my fps normalized and I had no problems for the rest of the fight.
I'm not sure what causes that but every time I'm in that area right before Maghda my game get really choppy. Once I was in a public game and we were killing stuff outside her room and my game froze, luckily I had people with me so they killed all the enemies and kept me safe but it's definitely an issue Blizz should address.
Yeah this has happened to me every time I have fought her since the patch. I get about 3 seconds of play, then a second of frozen screen, then 3 seonds of play etc etc. If you get close to the minions and it freezes then expect a dead char!
I'm playing softcore, but I'm having the same problem so I figured that I'd contribute to the thread. There's a thread regarding this issue in the Report Bug forum, but only like 5 or 6 of us posted on it. I was beginning to think that this was an isolated issue, but apparently it's not.

My computer isn't good enough to be worth posting its specs, but this problem also occurred on my friend's desktop. I don't know his PC's specs but I do know he runs Battlefield 3 at max settings, and that's a far more graphics-intensive game than this one.

As with everyone else, every other part of the game runs smoothly except for the Maghda fight. When I would die, the frame rate would return to normal. As soon as I re-entered the Lair of the Witch, the problem would begin anew.
I've had tons of problems with screen lag in 1.0.5

I should add I built a new PC for GW2 / D3 and that I have a very solid internet connection. I've never once had any issues with lag, or screen lag in d3 until 1.0.5

All of a sudden everything freezes for 2-3 seconds and usually recovers, but I've had it freeze in single player for over 5 seconds now. (hit escape, minimized to check my ping -t and to see if something was running) came back and game was paused.
I'm surprised there aren't more complaints about the Maghda fight here in the hardcore forum. The FPS drop is unbearable and makes the fight just a crapshoot. I've tried changing setting up, down... anything to no avail. No matter the character or video settings, I drop to 5 fps when the fight starts - thats if it doesn't give me a screen freeze.
0-5 FPS on both LOWEST and HIGHEST settings, vsync on/off

GTX 680
i5 2500k

please FIX this, also FIX the whole micro-stuttering throughout the game
We ran into the same problem on Saturday facing Maghda. Anywhere else in the game was fine, but her "arena" was laggy as hell.

Luckily, no one died.
I personally didn't have Maghda problems, but I always run into a freeze right before siegebreaker if I go near the stairway on the right side.
I have noticed some new FPS issues as well since 1.0.5. After about 15 minutes of play my FPS drops by about half, all I have to do is portal to town and then back and it is fixed.
Yeah FPS is bad on her.

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