1st good drop (vile ward) PC/offer welcome :)

Well after many days I've finally gotten a non-crap legendary.
Deciding to sell it to upgrade my other lousy gear...

There aren't any similar ones with mf on ah, so can any kind soul help me PC this?


264 Str
40 Vit
80 All res
252 Armor
285 Life per sec
11 Magic find

Offers are welcome too!
Congrats! Free bump
thanks! any idea how much i should sell for?
I'll give you 35m
Cheapest one on the AH that's around the same stats as yours is 65m or so. The MF is a nice bonus but isn't something I really look for in my gear.

Would recommend pricing at 50m for quick sale, 75m for competitive pricing, and upwards to 100m if someone really wants that additional MF on the piece.

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