"Diablo Went Down to Tristram"

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I wasn't sure where to put this, so I hope this forum is okay. Inspired by a tweet from @Diablo on Twitter. Apologies for anachronisms and inconsistencies; I serve the music, not the lore. ;-)

Diablo went down to Tristram, he was looking for a world to steal
He was kinda grim, thanks to Horadrim, he was willing to make a deal
When he came across this warrior twirling his swords and twirling em hot
And Diablo said, “Forget Leoric, I want what this kid’s got.

“I guess you didn’t know it, but I have your brother too
“And if you care to take a dare, I’ll make a bet with you.
“Now you swing a pretty good weapon, boy, but give Diablo his due.
“I bet Mephisto’s hold against your soul, cause I’m clearly better than you.”
The boy said “My name’s Aidan, and it might be a sin,
“But I’ll take your bet, and Albrecht get; now why don’t we begin?”

Aidan sharpen up your sword and shine your shield up well
Diablo’s come to Tristram and you’re playing this on Hell
And if you win, there will begin an age that shines like gold
But if you lose, Diablo owns your soul.

Aidan gemmed his doublet and he said “I’ll start this show”
And fire flew from his fingertips (pretty poor as magicks go)
And he swung his sword while Diablo roared and fended off attacks
Then he backed away and drank a pot to get his health to max.
When Diablo was quite finished, Aidan thought that he was done
But in his head, Diablo said “Why we’ve only just begun!”

“Fire in Khanduras, run boy run
“Diablo’s made a mess of old Tristram
“Now you’ve got the stone that’s got my soul
“But it’s gonna cost you quite a toll.”

Aidan bowed his head because he knew it was his place
And jammed that evil soulstone right into his bloody face.
Diablo said, “Aidan, come on back if you ever want to try again
“But wait till 2012 or so, cause the lore will make sense by then.”
This is truly glorious. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!

For those of you not on Twitter, we recently posed the following question on @Diablo:
“If a bard were to sing a tale about your hero’s courageous deeds, what would the song be titled?”

"Diablo Went Down to Tristram," "Whirling through Evil," and "You're Going to Lose That Goblin" were some of my favorites. ;)

(Yes, I know Charlie Daniels Band wrote the original.)
That was legen........wait for it........ dary!
Just going to nip in here and take credit for my "You're Going to Lose That Goblin" post ;P

Nicely done.
Posting in a legendary thread.
Very nicely done! Cheers!
Excellent. I would love to know which tune this is supposed to be sung to.

Out of curiosity for the couplets that don't quite rhyme due to the presence of a diphthong in one line and the absence of it in another (depending on dialect) is the intent for me to forth the rhyme? My accent has a slight diphthong in the word again, so it doesn't quite rhyme with then.

10/24/2012 09:51 PMPosted by ZebraBoss
I would love to know which tune this is supposed to be sung to.

"if you liked it then you shoulda put a (hellfire) ring on it..."

I couldn't help myself. sorry...
holy hell
“If a bard were to sing a tale about your hero’s courageous deeds, what would the song be titled?”
That has already been done. The result is this: Skip to 1:06: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ud7YNNA0Mwo
Wilson went down to Tristram
but he didnt like the feel
so with diablo two he cut all ties
and Cain was killed by butterflies

That was creative and worth reading again .. Lets have more of these
Well you guys probably had a peek at Dead Island.
So here's a WitchD version of Sam B's "Who do you voodoo"

hahaha. You ain't scared, yet. Things that go bump in the night. Me, Witch D. Heh.

Shrunken heads, broken legs, body parts all around me
Cut 'em up Butcher style, zombies of the swamp
Nephalem, leave 'em dead, runnin like a track meet
Scared of nobody, what you ugly fellas want?
Believe me when I tell 'em I'm a bogeyman beast
Leave 'em slashed from their head to their feet
Been put to the test of elites well fed
Whackin mobs, cursing 'em tryna eat

I got a zombie army and you can't harm me
Who do you voodoo, Witch?
Drink blood like a vampire without warning
Who do you voodoo, Witch? (Stand up)
Witch D got the thing that go bump in the night
Who do you voodoo, Witch?
Hide your heads, save your life, better get outta sight
Who do you voodoo, Witch? (Let's go)

Witchdoc to the Diablo and mobs that are many
Handful of fingertips, toss em up like confetti
Stable of corpse witches, I'm a pimp of the dead
Come mess with a zombie I'll put a stake in your head
Look you want ghouls? I got them in platoons
Baby every body dies, I see your face real soon
Crack bones to the marrow, hot sauce and they suck it
Now my Mojo ain't nothin to funk with

Cut your head off, leave all the bosses dead

Chorus x2

Could actually leave it as it was cuz it suits Witch D nicely. But made it clean and with cosmetic changes to put it here =D

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