"Diablo Went Down to Tristram"

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My favorite part:

“Fire in Khanduras, run boy run
“Diablo’s made a mess of old Tristram
“Now you’ve got the stone that’s got my soul
“But it’s gonna cost you quite a toll.”
Very nicely done. Thanks for sharing!
EPIC hahaha!!! +1
*slow clap*

Well done Sir, well done indeed.
I'm really glad y'all liked it! (Am a gal, not a sir, however.) :-)
@ Lyrala
very nicely created...I keep hearing the Charlie's Fiddle in the background as I read.

@ Kashrlykk
Love the Monty Python reference; don't know why but I think now everytime I die in softcore mode that I may come back to life saying " 'Tis just a flesh wound"
great job. :)
That was great. Nice job!
Fantastic! My attempts to praise this with words feel utterly inadequate—thank you very much for posting it.

Holy !@#$, that was as epic as it gets!!!
it doesn't get any better than this, well done!
Just as a heads up: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/7713047/

You're now all official and stuff. ;)
welp, it's confirmed, the first expansion character will be a bard
someone needs to actually sing this and put it up on youtube or something.
Now you just need to contact the Charlie Daniels band and convince them to play your version of thier song atr a concert :D
Very good ;)

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