Move my Banner in Bastion's Keep please

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How about putting the portal next to a merchant so I can sell then continue finding loot asap.
Also, repairs. :)

Hell Ya!

"i think perhaps they could move the portal closer to the southeast side, near the followers & healer"

So annoying to always run to seller in Acts III and IV. Especially after getting used to girl in Act II.
Why not have them in a horizontal line all together so it's a one stop walk needed.

BS>JC>Vendor/Healer>Followers>Portal (spawn in either front/left/right of them)

Nuff said.
Some of you need to stop complaining lol, the portal is too close, Ive done it myself where i click to port back into whatever trouble I was in and i click my flag. I dont play multiplayer really but i can see the issue of porting to players etc rather than your own portal.
I'd suggest posting the portala couple feet to the right (game feet/yards) location is fine for everything really, just dont want misclicks.
For the rest of you hating on this, at least its something being done to improve game quality nd experience, so go hate somewhere else thanks :) Ty blizz, keep up the good work!
lmao seriously this is the only problem you people can come up with.must be a bunch of failed players on here then.there are alot more serious issues that need fixed before banners.woot way to go diablo 3 players
10/24/2012 08:04 PMPosted by Grimiku
We have been seeing feedback on this topic and agree that in Bastions Keep the location of the players banner and Town Portal may be a little too close. We’re currently looking at possible options and adjusting the position of player banners in Act III (just like your suggestion) is one, or even moving the portal itself.

How about moving the jeweler closer to the New Tristram portal in Act 1? For characters without movement speed (like me) it feels like a chore to run over to him when I want to do something.

Oh wait! I left my Tome of Secrets in my stash! Well I guess I have to run back to my stash and then back to the Jeweler.

Why not put him to the right of the blacksmith or to the right of Cain's house somewhere?
I thought I was the only one doing that.

When I start a game in the Keep or step out of my town portal I often walk right into it and have to click out of achievements. Move it to the other side of the quest portal please.
10/25/2012 06:25 AMPosted by TurtleMonkey
Delete Banners from the game completely. Its useless and probably only useful during PVP which is coming in the near future, wait that isn't true unless the near future is like a year from now.

Interact with the Banner, put on ground as rallying point nearby heroes get hp regeneration, place it at the back (like what ancient oriental warrior do -- intimidation) add a small percentage fear-on-hit etc. Banner with hp.
It is a little to close to portal, just like portal a little to close to stash in Act 1.
10/25/2012 03:24 AMPosted by Grimm
and I probably have a smaller monitor than most of you. (17" CRT )


ok guys, this thread is now about getting Grimm a new monitor.
I think the banners should spawn somewhere randomly in the act and you have to find it to make any changes. Oh yea! Epic quest for banner! They could even have a banner boss named Bruce!
also about the banners. in act 2, when i go to the new(ish) vendor, i like to leave my inventory screen up when i move around after identifying everything, i click press my banner and it closes everything. weak.
[quote]I probably have a smaller monitor than most of you. (17" CRT )

right there with ya brother. 17" CRT dell monitor :P when ever i play my demon hunter and go fight the butcher before i go into the fight i have to turn on letterbox mode so i can stay out of his reach from that damned hook :P
Same with the portal in act 1 blocks half the stash and I often go threw portal when I was trying to go go stash.
In relation to :
1. Chinese BOTS and now AH bots that have ruined this game....
2. Stupidly long setup quests IE: keywardens in relation to getting the same crappy items for all that effort put in ....
3. Moronic % system for all attributes (requiring a degree in advanced statistics to figure out what your weapon damage REALLY IS!! and that %100 of resist anything is 100% !!!!!! not .00001 abitrarymathcalculationmadebyidiots
4. Insanely currupted economy in the AH because of the aformentioned BOTS !! ( I knew it!! This game is run by "Republicans"
5. Patches that get lost in limbo (games says "up to date, but login says "new patch available" but it won't D/l or apply same patch) and round and round it goes

and many many more idiosyncrasies (read as "game features" sic)

But wait lets forget all that and focus our attention on some idiot who lacks the motor skills to be able to accurately position and click a mouse.... (apologizes to all those turretts sufferers) or lets placate the "instant gratification morons" who's lives are just so fast paced they can't wait the extra 6 seconds for a character to walk the length of their monitor screen.

Good use of development resources you guys have going on there...

Right, because I'm sure the guys who deal with bots, design quests, balance stats, monitor economy, and technical patching problems, are all the same person. And that person is the same person who can move a portal.

Get out.
how can u manage to click on those baners, omfg motor skills , cmon since when this is even an issue?
While we’re at it, can a vendor pleased be moved much closer to the town portal in Act III? Much like how Squirt is right next to the TP in Act II now.
make the portal open on the ground horizontally so you step onto it rather than through it... also make the banner poles taller helping to give more separation but bringing them a bit more in the nearfield view...hehe
come on ppl,is just 1 click on the screen,there r more pressing matters to worry about

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