Goblin Encounters.

Lore and Story
These are just to fun but I would like to see more done with them. Here's some ideas. Let me know what you think.

1st: On rare occasion when you kill a goblin that has his portal open it will remain open and lead to one of several random dungeons or sometimes just a simple room with a resplendent chest and its elite guardian.

2nd: On extremely rare occasions (like uber D from d2 rare) a goblins portal will lead to another one of Azmodans lieutenants. This would be Greed's domain. Where the walls literally bleed gold. And on the very last level of this massive dungeon would be Greed himself looking every bit like his goblin lackeys except for the fact that his is nearly 800 pounds heavier than them and very sensitive about the mound of loot he is sitting on. Maybe he would even like to add your gear to his possessions....

3rd: Add some kind of legendary that only Greed has the chance to drop. Like Greed's Goldskin. Every hit has a chance to make enemies bleed gold for 5 seconds; just like hitting a goblin.

It seems like this would be cool because some of the lore books you get in the game talk about a goblins portal leading to Greed's domain. Please expand on my idea if you've got something.
Good ideas. I'd love to jump through that portal and go to Greed's Domain. When you look at the portal itself, it looks like it leads to a place filled with gold. Maybe we'll find out that they're more reasonable demons that are only loosely aligned with Hell. If this is the case, then maybe they can be bargained with. Then again, we may find out that they're the most evil demons of all, despite the goblin's more innocuous appearance and demeanor. In that case, the enemies that we have to fight there would be the hardest in the game. Greed's Domain should look both hellish and extravagant, like a wealthier version of Hell.
This is the best idea I have seen in a long time, love it.
Bump for justice
just gonna keep bumping until this one gets some attention

every second, 1000 gold drops from each wall

greed drops 2k every time he is hit

drops lots of gold+special legendary+great items (skorns, manticores)

50 treasure goblins running around!!!
Thanks! There are some other threads on here about an idea like this. And it would be sooo cool.
There were already rumors of being able to hop into a Goblin's portal shortly after the game's live release. I asked around about it and one person had said (with no absolute certainty) that the key to getting in was through obtaining a very rare drop from killing the Goblin. I believe he said it was a certain kind of monster's head he was carrying around in the bag.

I've tried clicking incessantly on the portal they create instead of killing them, but it doesn't work. Neither does approaching one, picking up each pile of gold they drop and clicking the portal. (Pacifism isn't the key, either!)

I have casually pursued finding out more about this, but have come up with nothing.

Blizzard loves creating monsters from the so-called "seven deadly sins" and Greed has certainly been missing outside of what is said during the Treasure Goblins' lore book speech. Imagine 'porting inside and finding a fat, Ghom-like creature on mounds of gold. Hell, it could use sprays of gold as an attack!
This idea is hella awesome. I wanna raid a goblin village
more random encounters in general would be a good thing.
Haha I think we might see this Greedy guy in an expansion if everyone likes this.
Oh and Greed drops his own useful goldskin that is ilvl 63. Simply called Greed's Goldskin and it has a 15% chance to cause enemies to bleed gold for 5 seconds. Just like hitting a goblin!
Thanks for the support hombre.
OverKill, this is a great idea. As far as entering the world that he portals to, which world you go to could be dictated by whether or not you kill the goblin before entering. For example, if you kill him, you would get to a place to fight Greed and thus get rewarded for being able to kill the goblin in the short amount of time that you normally have. If you don't kill him, then you portal to a place that has a resplendent chest in it, and your drops are really just based on your MF/GF % at the time. This is definitely an idea that has some legs, good job bringing it up.
Thanks but what I was thinking was the goblin would have to be killed while his portal was up. Then his portal rolls first to even stay open then rolls from 100s of different areas i.e. Greed's Domain, random room with gold chest and elite, random dungeon. Greed's dungeon would be the rarest roll of course.
I love this thread.

Maybe if he can be reasoned with he could demand something from you at the time and if you could provide it he would give you something in return.

If any of you have played Zelda : A Link to the Past, I'm basically thinking of the fairy pools that if you throw stuff in like your boomerang, and are honest about it, they return an improved version of it. Though, I suppose since he's greedy he wouldn't just upgrade your stuff.

Maybe you give him a handful of gems or a bunch of gold and you get to pick one out of five chests each with a range of random loot, three being low, one being moderate and one being wealthy.

Idk, just some other ideas. I definitely like the original ones though, I'd love to make enemies bleed gold. Even if it was low amounts, the pure satisfaction of nearly any enemy becoming a gold spewing pinata would be amazing.
12/05/2012 06:26 AMPosted by Apocalyptica
Idk, just some other ideas. I definitely like the original ones though, I'd love to make enemies bleed gold. Even if it was low amounts, the pure satisfaction of nearly any enemy becoming a gold spewing pinata would be amazing

Thanks for the support!

Even if Greed's Goldskin had a chance to make enemies bleed gold piles in the 10s and 20s it would still be better than the Goldskin we have right now. Wayyy more fun. The affix could read something like:

25% chance to cause enemies to bleed gold for 5 seconds on strike.

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