HC Aussie players on Vent Free Crates Tonight

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Hey all.

I have been testing and using this program Narull setup to benefit us in our diablo play.


I am a Hardcore player normally playing from 7pm Aussie time, if you are on during these time jump onto vent and have a chat. Actively logged into Vent - Harcore Room when playing D3

Looking for people to farm Act 3 Mp1 with vent (Hardcore Mode)

Also I normally offer the following services:
Normal Crates (risky... but u have nothing to lose) Approx 1hr of intence dodging
NM Crates
Hell Crates

I find voice chat alot safer when playing in hardcore groups

Anyways hope to see some of you on there
Online right now Providing free Hell Crates 1 spot free
Will be online tonight to offer:

Free Nightmare crates for Hardcore players

Must use Vent

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