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Hey guys..
I'm playing for a while now diablo and I love it, really.
I've been able to play it fine, until the latest patch (1.0.5) !!
I suddenly get extream laggs, it's unplayable. When I move its okay, the mobs are stuck, i use skills and they dont display, and then after like 30 secs the whole screen goes crazy, all my actions appear in fast motion and than i'm usually dead.

I'm not sure if it is called an fps problem, It's just crazy laggs.
Please, I tried most of the sticky solutions and none of them worked.
It's only from the last patch! :(
P.s: My PC is actually new, and it's pretty sick, I dont think its an system issue.
also, I didn't change ANYTHING in any way the internet options \ connection \ provider.
I am getting odd 400ms+ latency wasn't like this before 1.0.5.
me too
Same her. Lags like hell when 3 or more plays, its the patch. I also have crash errors and frozen screen at times. No probblems before patch and I have a good Pc and internet conn. Its the patch that have nasty bugs.
Same issue as the TC.
Same issue. I can play TF2 with under 20ms Pings and 0 lag. Play D3 and i have a 100ms (normal ping for blizz games for me) and yet i have a 1 second delay on nearly everything, and randomly start teleporting around the screen (me and mobs), and skills may or may not even go off.

It actually caused me to sell one of my pieces of gear because it lagged while I was ID'ing and it equipped an item I wanted to vendor. Luckily I noticed and bought back the item.

It was fine in 1.04.
I'm also having this problem. Tuesday and Wednesday it was fine, but on Thursday and ever since I've been getting constant lag spikes and the game is unplayable. I don't seem to be lagging outside of Diablo 3.
this lag spike is getting out of hand
Seems like since they rushed 1.0.5 there are more problems than ever. I can't even logon now....
Been having these ping spikes intermittently for the last month or so. Can be playing fine for an hour or two and suddenly I get massive ping spikes one after another making the game unplayable.

Haven't had this problem in any other game, so I doubt this is a problem with my ISP.

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