Dear Blizzard, Throw us a bone already!

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Throw some of that huge amount of money you've made our way, and buy us a damn server cluster already. This current service is unacceptable just like it is in WoW & most likely all your games in the future.

Sick of having forced high latency whenever i play a blizzard game, sick of frequent rubberbanding, sick of server maintenance in our primetime & sick of the laundry list of issues it causes to the gameplay to have high latency...

If other, poorer companies can do it. WHY CAN'T YOU?
Because greedy capitalism.

Rather than a bone, I would like to see a server added here downunder for the Aussie and NZ players.

Seems to me that the lag problem has gotten worse in the last week or two.

So how about it Blizzard, how can we fix this latency issue?

Any honest comments would be appreciated, rather than just pointing us to useless troubleshooting pages.
Hooray, another 'give us an AU server' thread.

I'm in NZ.
I ping about 190ms.
I occasionally rubberband.
I don't have a problem with it.

As has been stated many times before, the reason Blizzard doesn't have servers in AU is the cost of hosting.
You are more likely to achieve an outcome by lobbying the government for 'Internet' pricing and infrastructure that is in line with the rest of the world than you are asking Blizzard to spend 100 times what servers in the rest of the world cost for servers in AU.

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