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id just like for blizzard to fix their lag/disconnecting issues.
Last night i was playing in a game, versus a pack.. A1 mp1.. i get a D/C.. get booted out of the game, get logged out of my account. i sign back in and my character is alive.
In the morning when i came to check my auctions, my character was dead (i play hardcore).
I have no idea wtf just happend. i mean i dont usually complain, but this is my 3rd char dead to a disconnection issue.

A blue will probably never respond to this, but is it hard to implement something into the game which recognizes that your disconnected and pauses? sure for softcore its ok, but there are alot of people dieing from D/C.. look at my barb, it steam rolled a1.. how i died was bs..
hmm all you HC peeps know what im talking about..

anyways thats my rant...
10/25/2012 03:46 AMPosted by FatTony
disconnecting issues

While I fully share your sentiments, I doubt very much if something can/will be done to change the disconnect design in d3. Forced disconnects (via eg ALT-TAB) were used in d2 for cheating and exploited for duping methologies, seems those triggered the changed design for d3.

The only thing I can recommend is
1. not playing hc when a new version gets "bedded" down
2. not playing hc when the system is (very) heavily loaded
3. not playing hc when the probability of a d/c is likely

Takes a lot of fun out of the game but avoids needing to remake chars over and over.

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