Noob WD need help

Witch Doctor
Just hit inferno by yesterday, just wonder what item should upgrade 1st coz i only have 5mil IGG only, coz what i wearing now is farm by myself & want to know what minimum stat requirement for AR, AMOR, DMG ...etc in order to farm at MP3, & skill suggestion for me, Thx!
Ah Dude are you posting in the wrong forum? Don't see any Witch Doctors in your profile.

Edit: My bad it's in there.
edit: Don showed us the way...

Get more CD.
what are you two talking about?

There is clearly a paragon 5, 65k damage WD in his profile... Perhaps look beyond the top 3.
^ His WD char is the fourth one. Just have a look below the monk,wiz,dh.

Anyway. Looks like you are going for bears build and you seem decently geared for it. Might suggest replacing Spiritual Attunement for Blood Ritual which is almost always better. Or if you are running Spiders then VQ is also a valid passive that I would say is better than Attunement.

For mp3 you aren't really gonna need better res/armor than wat you already have. Another suggestion I'd make is drop Hex for BBV with Slam Dance or if you struggle for mana then Rain Dance. With Grave Injustice going then BBV would be out of cooldown and ready for every elite fight most likely that would give a lot more dps.

Also Jaunt might be useful instead of healing journey for faster moving around as well as giving you more of a time window to down reflect dmg mobs if they bother you.
coz i get owned by mp3, what should i upgrade 1st coz i only have 5mil in hand right it my hp too low?
Your Hp is fine. I have same if not slightly lower and I can farm mp5 or 6 easily with only the occasional death. If you are really concerned about survival then swap Hex for Horrify with Frightening Aspect to give you double armor. With Grave Injustice you can pretty much have it on permanently.

As far as stats and gear goes I'd say you should be able to do mp3. Might just take a bit more practice and getting used to the build. Most people wouldn't recommend using Spirit Vessel passive on lower mp levels but if you are struggling it can make a world of difference.
Ha -ha! Never had that happen before. Sure enough there was a WD in there. OK my bad, guess he wasn't playing that at the time of his profile.

Anyway it looks like you have been very lucky farming 2 zuni pieces and 2 Blackthorns.

Your base stats look good except you might want some more All Resist (AR). Shoot for 500 without counting intell.

Your worst gear items are your belt and mojo. A Blackthorn belt is probably within your budget and it will give you a set bonus of 6% damage to elites.

Your mojo has low average damage 323+69/2 = 196 average damage. Better to have a mojo with over 250 average damage which would boost your DPS. This would probably cost you more than 5 million to fix, so this is something to shoot for in the future.

Your skills look good. Depending on what is limiting your play style e.g. mana drain, health generation, reflect mobs you could play with taking Spiritual Attunement out of your passives and replacing it with Spirit Vessel, Vision Quest, Blood Ritual etc.
thx for the advice will try to find a blackthorn belt withn my budget and trying the build mention above, really aprreciated :)
found my witching hour while farming mp1:) get at least 1-3 legend running act3. farming at capped mf and killing fast:)
just do some minor upgrade/changes as u guys mentioned, it's works :) now i can farm mp2 with ease, i just wonder if i upgrade to zuni boots 8% poison 120 int 70 vit & zuni pox 33 cri dmg & avg dmg 50, will it increase my dmg? or any advice to upgrade for my current gear.... i have 16 mil in hand now..

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