cant get my wings from hots digital deluxe

Technical Support
Blizzard PLEASE hurry with fix!
No wings, but banner and achievement complete. VERY LAME.
yeah .. still no recent answer ... very very very sad ... at least im glad im not the only one having this problem
Me too, no wings. Sigh, I waited for about 3 days.
Kind of annoying...
They're still looking into the issue. In the meantime, I'm told existing characters are the ones not currently receiving the wings but that newly created ones are getting them. Temporarily then, you could (providing you have the character slot available), make a new character and get the wings and place them in the shared stash so other characters can get them. This is NOT our solution but it should be a workaround until they get it sorted out which ought to be soon™
I have the same problem. help!

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