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Can someone please explain to me WHY the Tal's set has terrible set bonuses relative to the other high level sets?

Also why doesn't the armor have a high res statistic? There's alot of inequality between the set items and bonuses, why does blizzard hate the wizard? :(
Bummmmmp for justice!
I think WZ has a good combo already and for the gear I have no answer I am DH
innas really sucks too but ya tal rashas is brutal

11/13/2012 06:57 PMPosted by Trickster
why does blizzard hate the wizard? :(

all old wizards made barbs and there is no one left to complain so they dont care about few posts Topics :P
LOL good i'm glad there's another topic discussing this. I can't understand why Blizzard overlooked set items when they fixed legendaries.

One of the best parts of D2 was completing a high level set, you knew you could handle almost anything with it and each set greatly enhanced the abilities of each of the races.

PLEASE Blues if you come across this thread mention to the developers that the lack of strong set bonuses removes the entire need to gather set items.

I don't care if this isn't addressed until the expansion, but please see that it does.

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