Achievement: A second to spare.

Bug Report
I have done this multiple times with multiple people, each time they are awarded the achievement but not me. I have tried many many time on each difficulty ( MP non-MP ) with no effect. It still shows unearned. Please let me know that something is being done about this I am a bit obsessed with getting 100% of the achievements.
bump please help me with this blizzard lemme know you guys are aware of it or something.
Also happens to me on the 'Bashanishu' achievement.
Can we get a response on this please??!!? I'm clearly not the only person having this problem.
called tech support about this they said its a known issue that will be addressed in a future patch.
I seem to be having this problem with A Second to Spare also, still now. Any idea when this will be fixed?
Same: I used a Monk with Dashing strike to escape the Crumbling Vault - should have gotten the Second to Spare achievement - did NOT get awarded. left the match... still no award when i made a new match.

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