Funniest way you have died?

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My absolute FAVORITE death was against a waller molten health link something. it put up a wall right as i killed it (all 3 because of health link) and i was at the edge of a cliff sooo....

wall....wall...wall...wall.........son of a *BOOM* dead
Killed by my own exploding palm vs a reflect damage elite on mp 6 when it exploded.

Running away didn't help in the slightest anymore :)
I was in one of the underground caverns in the Desolate Sands. I was running low on health, my health potions were on cool down and there were no health globes within reach. There was a health well not too far away, so I decided to head towards that. As I was walking past one of those poisonous pods on the floor, Irena decides to shoot it. It explodes, releases it's poison gas. I die.
In a public game, someone revived a wizard on the same Arcane Sentry that killed him, and he accepted and died again XD.
My favorite, which happens more frequently than I'd like to admit, is when I take down a really tough elite pack--bad affixes, lots of trash around--only to smugly walk into a poison cloud and insta-gib
Tough one.

I got blown up from some explosion + knock back and my body few off the side of the path towards the oblivion in halls of sin or wherever you take on that spider person. You could see the body flying for about 3 seconds. Reminded me of the PS2 game "takedown" where you can get pushed off the road and fly over a cliff.

I think the most interesting was kiting like mad, found a way point pad, hit it with a billion monsters on me, clicked on town...When I arrived I died, must have still had some poison effect or something, but was funny seeing myself dead, in town, on top of the pad. Took a screen shot.
knockback + fire grate... i stood no chance.
Feared into freeze blast then slowly cut up by arcane sentries... while chasing a gob. Gotta stop being greedy.
Me: I'll just lay a few traps here to kill these trash whites
*Elite pack comes in off the screen and runs over them.*
*They're reflect damage*
*I die*

Not the funniest death, but it amused me.

Funniest death I've seen though was when Athene was trying to get world's fastest diablo kill, and he beat terror mode diablo and was waiting for the cutscene to finish and put him back in the normal map. And he teleports to the map as a corpse because the game glitched.
Why should I care about a death in SC ?

Hardly worth talking about.
My gf got sick of me playing Diablo and put !@#$ on the TV next to my desk...
A demon mine knocked me into another demon mine that ended up killing me.
I was in vent with some people and I swear everyone almost died laughing
the funniest way ive died was when i wasnt running the spin2win build
@Fyle: then you're free to die in HC mode and post about it :D
we wont stop you
This little gem happened tonight...Keep Level 2, got the attention of a pack of skullcleavers with molten and firechains, sigh frustrated, and go to work. Alluvasudden the nearby doorway explodes and a boss Tremor roars in at pants-!@#$ting speed, and he has horde. So a conga line of freight train cars tear into the room with me and the cleavers, I fully expect to die, but go down swinging. I kill the cleavers and bottleneck the big guys in a doorway and actually manage to kill them all off. Feeling like hot %^-*, I continue on my merry way, break open a nearby door...and am suicide bombed by the maniac right next to it
I once died twice at the same chest in keep depths. It was one of those on a metal grid with moving fire underneath. It was in a multiplayer game and my buddies asked what I was doing "nothing"...

In SC I mostly play wizard and in higher MP settings I often know that I'm going to die several seconds before it happens. Low health, crystal shell on cooldown or not skilled, health pot on cooldown, beeing chased by several mobs, port/cc on cooldown... "Gonna die now,... soon,... ok now." It makes my buddies laugh "If know it, why aren't you doing anything about it?"

And sometimes I play kamikaze on reflect mobs in multiplayer games. "I know the next meteor will kill me, but I'm gonna cast it anyway."

And whirlwind barbs as "pseudo tanks". The tell me "I've got a pack." I port in with crystall shell up and teleport ready and die anyway, cause those whirlwind barbs love to pull half the map.
I'm so used to not dying that sometimes I forgot to check my health and heal when necessary...
I lol'd to myself when I killed off a molten elite pack, was on the edge of their explosion and got hit but managed to survive AND get the 0.1% survive bonus only to then get killed by a plant in the dalghur oasis that I hadn't seen due to the molten explosions. That little bonus two seconds before dying was the icing on the cake. "Good job on surviving! But you still die..."
My favourite death was when I vaulted into Raganoth as a Demon Hunter. As I left a burning trail where I vaulted I also killed Raganoth so once I can back to life I could collect the loot and proceed with the story. I may have killed Ghom the same way.
Act 3 fighting my way down to gholm in level 2 had a frozen pack chasing me down made it back to door went to level 1 and so did a frozen bomb and it exploded and killed me. ( this has happened too tp to town however did not die in town.... bug????

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