Post if you are in love with ur hellfire ring

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Why, it has been accepted that this ring is ungodly, not worth the effort.

Should just add this feature as another achievement.
my followers got mine
ive made 11 of these they are all garbage, something needs to be done with this event the rng is pathetic its the worst legendary once you hit paragon 100. for an endgame event its brutal. (but it is fun)

make it a charm that way its useful for everyone.
my first and only hellfire ring
Mine is actually pretty good, I did not realize it until I saw a 10k dps boost over my other ring, average damage is awesome!
This was my 3rd ring, dual crit. Crafted about 7 other ones since then and all have been bad, but I know I'll have a tough time beating this roll for a while.
LOL Blues with no helllfire ring? I guess they don't get much time to play the game
182 dex
150 LoH
6% life
3.5 crit chance
27 crit damage

Made on my fourth try, haven't had any luck (seems to be getting worse and worse) since then.
I am very satisfied with not only mine, but each on all three followers :P

Edit: stupid armory won't update forever... but other two followers now have 9 ias ones.

250 int
75 vit
40 fire res
4% crit chance

and more...
I love my tanky hellring
10k global health bonus and LoH +319& a socket
mine craps on yours lol
I've made like 7 of these so far. 0 with attack speed. 0 with crit chance.

ONE with crit damage, it's the one I'm currently wearing.

The rest were all pretty terrible.

I got one with gold find, health globes, and radius + a socket.

I really think they should make some of these garbage combinations impossible.

I also think they should get to making all resist a permanent affix on ilvl 60+ gear, one that doesn't take an affix slot. Let the rolls be from 10-80 but just be a given every time.

Non-All resist gear is vendor trash, I'm sorry. It also accounts for around 80% of all the items that drop.
Ive made 4 rings, but the first roll was the best, currently equipped on barb... im pretty happy with it
Mine is so purtty. And to think I'm a cold tanking hard hitting monk = Match made in Heaven :)
sad ive collected about 9 sets of keys and no ring yet. last run...1/3 on organs at mp8.
got a decent one after 5 crafting session, core stats + 6% IAS and 31% CD, guess it got the monkey off my back and lessen pressure to farm for the keys day in and day out.

wish we could brimstone that ones in our stash.
My new monk is loving the roll I didn't like.

This was my second one. Lucky me, indeed..

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