CM+WW+Healing Blade+Archon, No Apoc

354k dps, 54k hp, 2.38 aps, 52% cc, 787ar, 4741armor, 4% ls (buffed stats with scoundrel)

basically keep up the blood magic/prismatic and try to stay in archon all the time, and use healing blades/cold snap/wicked wind when you are not in archon.
*ls weapon required.

tested it for ~5hrs and seem to work well on mp7 single player and mp8 multiplayer with another perma freeze wiz.

i have 0 apoc n average ehp but you can probably use glass cannon/cold blooded/pinpoint barrier/scramble/improved archon etc if you have high ehp and apoc.
I think @ 350k dps you can use whatever you want to reset archon...
yer i have good dps but 0 apoc, so its not easy to reset archon.

i think this build should be fine on mp5-6 even on average gear with ls and 0 apoc.
i.e. 120-150k dps, 40-45k hp, 1.8-2.2aps, 30-40% cc, 600-650ar, 4% ls (buffed stats with scoundrel)

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