UberDeath - Ultimate DPS build

nice build eliminator.. ive been using death blossom occasionally.. i usually have 2 sig spells on left and right click, 1 armor spell, 2 buffs, and 1 main gun spell.. i usually swap among meteor, death blossom, blizzard, arcane orb for the main gun.. strangely though, with everything exactly the same i usually see molten impact crit for 1.6m, whereas death blossom crits for 800-900k only

do you mind if you do some testing yourself.. swap out death blossom for meteor molten impact.. been scratching my head lately.. im beginning to think there's something hidden in meteor that benefits from a black weapon + trium setup

death blossom damage is kind of misleading, since it's shoot out 2 missiles per cast and each missile do 315% (combined dmg of 630% per cast)

on the other hand, meteor hit for 390% on initial hit and some times the damage from the first tick of the ground burn is count into display damage.

So that might explain the displayed damage difference between the two spells.

By the way i tried have -10 total for cast reduction. You can actually run w/ 0 apoc and just get a non-apoc trium (which is a lot cheaper than apoc one) and a black weapon.

Of course your aps cannot be too high.
ah i see! that explains it.. didnt notice there are more than 1 hit per circle
Has anyone done any tests using death blossom to reset CDs instead of energy twister?
It has quite a high proc rate and since CM wiz should be up close it seems logical that it might work out no?

Also, does anyone know how many missiles are shot per our attack speed?

Edit: it fires 3 missiles per attack speed. And I think there is no way this would work well for CM. Way too few chances to proc, although proc rate is high. Assuming 50% crit chance & 3 attack speed and all projectiles hitting one target 3x3x0.6x0.5 = 2.7 CM procs per second. We need 8 procs per second to bring FN back fast enough to permafreeze. Not even close.
AP regen is great though, even with low APOC

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