If your Hero was a Monster, what affixes ...?

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A Barbarian with Arcane, Desecrator, Jailer, Vortex.

I have Sprint so Fast/Missile Damp/Mortar/Teleporter/Waller is useless;
Don't need Horde/Illuso/Nightm/Shielding/RD/ExtraHP, I'm a OP Barb;
Vampiric? LOH and LS exist for a purpose;
Molten/Fire Chains? Arcane/Desecrator when timed right with Jailer/Vortex is devastating.
Extra Health, Reflects Damage, Invulnerable Minions, Horde, Fast
i would do extra health x4
Man I had this idea forever ago and it's weird that it's here in front of me now. This type of stuff always happens I think I'm just an unoriginal thinker.
Waller, Arcane Sentry, Extra Health, Teleport

Oh and it would be a Blue Elite Pack as Phase Beasts so they have natural teleportation :)
as a wizard i'd love to have

missile dampening
and vampiric

imagine my archon with those afflix
Teleporter: Monsters with the teleporter affix can disappear and reappear in different locations on the screen at will, both to make surprise attacks and to escape.

Nightmarish: Successful attacks from nightmarish monsters can cause you to lose control of your character and flee for a few seconds.

Mortar: Monsters with the mortar affix lob volatile globes of fire that can deal extreme damage to you at range. Move close to avoid their attacks.

Jailer: Monsters with the jailer affix can temporarily immobilize you. You are vulnerable to attack while immobilized, but you can escape by using certain defensive skills.

What did I win?
Shielding, mortar, frozen, extra health.
Definitely Extra Health + Vampiric. Then add in maybe... Frozen and Arcane.

Actually a nice mix of dps/avoidance might be Frozen, Jailer, Arcane, Desecrator...
What does Avenger do?
I got a nice assorment here...Extra Health(70k health), Health Link(Fierce Loyalty), Horde(ZDogs and Garg), and Old School Invincible Minions (4k regen/Force Armour)
Vortex, Reflect Damage, Horde, Arcane Enchanted.
First, i want to be a blazing guardian. Horde, Illusion, Nightmare, Waller
Fast (24% move speed)
Mortar (arcane torrent)
Arcane Enchanted (hydra)
Electrified (storm armor)
11/04/2012 10:41 AMPosted by Vaeflare
For those of you looking to consider monster affix combinations of your own, you might also want to check out [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6079707996#1"]the categories that various affixes fall into, and the restrictions placed on them (#3)[/url].

Speaking of this, shouldn't that list be updated? Some affixes were changed to prevent grouping together, and Invulnerable Minions was removed entirely. There should definitely be a new updated list posted, I would like to see how it looks currently.

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