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I suggest that a button be added to the AH interface that allows you to directly "vendor" items from your completed tab. This would be easier on everyone, no?

In other words, if you have items in your Completed tab that you don't want to bother re-sending to your stash and then vendoring (also consider all the time it takes to sort your items to make room in your stash for things you're just going to vendor anyway), you can simply reclaim their NPC gold value without all the fuss. I can't think of any reason NOT to add this.
Dear god, yes!! I keep meaning to make a post about it and forget.
+1, /like, /agree, etc.
Vendor button in AH please!
yeah thats a pretty good idea
Absolutely, this would be great. Especially right after patches when it's so hard to tell what stuff is worth.
brimstone button too while you're at it.
yes please!
11/06/2012 12:17 PMPosted by ChuckNorris
yes please!
Come on guys, let's keep this going. Everyone wins with this idea.
Hope they do it with buyback enabled, or else someone will eventually "I accidentally vendored my GG gear I just won through an epic bidding war!!!1!1!"
Great idea.
Sounds great!
This should have been in the game on day one
Saw this suggestion awhile ago, but it is a good ideal especially when you keep your chest full of crap like I do.
Yeah, it would literally save me hours each week.
Consider this Like'd
Good idea.. Here is mine:

Also, allow us to manipulate our stash while in there!
11/08/2012 09:24 AMPosted by Malacca
Come on guys, let's keep this going. Everyone wins with this idea.

Not really. The very serious, immersion-seeking roleplayer gets hosed with this idea.

j/k - Those guys are weird anyway. I like this idea. +1 for Vendor and Salvage buttons.
imagine the QQ that follows when people vendor their godly item by mistake in another crappy interface

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