Suggestion: Vendor button in Auction House

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11/08/2012 02:41 PMPosted by Jackfrozt
imagine the QQ that follows when people vendor their godly item by mistake in another crappy interface
It would definitely need some "Are you sure?" and "Are you REALLY sure?" dialog boxes to prevent that.
That may be true but that's no reason to deny us this very useful function.
Bump. Think of all the time and effort to be saved. No more stash maneuvering between characters to accommodate unsold items!
I've been wanting this for a while as well! Great idea! Please add!
This addition would be even more useful now, with all of the BOA items and crafting mats taking up space....

I'd limit it to ONLY those auctions which have been cancelled or timed out (not stuff you have won). That should reduce the chance people will accidentally vendor items that they have just bid on and won.
great idea.
bump for winning
11/08/2012 12:32 PMPosted by Zuzax
Come on guys, let's keep this going. Everyone wins with this idea.

Not really. The very serious, immersion-seeking roleplayer gets hosed with this idea.

j/k - Those guys are weird anyway. I like this idea. +1 for Vendor and Salvage buttons.

We "immersionists" would like the AH in-game.
Million dollar IDEA!, TY! I second this motion, I approve this message.

I like popcorn as well...
Imagine the infomercial:

Have you hit 49 of 50? Are you tired of shifting items around in your stash and making mules just to recycle unsold items? Well now, there's AH Vendor Button! From the folks who brought you "Book of Cain" and "Craft from Stash," this simple yet revolutionary new button allows you to do what you've always wanted and just nuke unwanted items! No fuss, no muss, just select the item, hit Vendor, and poof! It's gone! Request this button now, and we'll even throw in not one, not two, but EIGHT hours of maintenance ABSOLUTELY FREE!

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