Blizzards stance on the HC-SC exchanging?

I've always wondered what they think of it, seems like it's not currently in their interest to do anything about it.

I was also wondering what people's opinion was on whether or not they should implement an in-game exchange for it (Likely using a similar method/formula as the gold/cash exchange). It's clear there's enough player interest in the HC-SC gold exchange, seeing as players are willing to do non-simultaneous trades for it.
there was a thread about this recently, this guy claimed he had a spreadsheet of all the gold tradeers, plus everyone who traded and vouched and he VOWED to get them all banned. an argument ensued

the official letter received by blizzard in that thread (sent from blizz to players asking about it) essentially said there was no problem with trading softcore gold for hardcore and vice versa, and it did not violate any terms of agreement.

might be a good idea, but theres tons of trustworthy sellers on here with tons of vouches. welostGG is one, sexytime is another.
There not breaking any rules just exploiting a loop hole ive planned to do the same when i get the bank roll.

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