The Wizard Build Compendium

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James - Forked Lightning kiting build

Inspy - a noob
James' Forked Lightning build looks exactly like what I've been calling Blizz/Hydra (minor rune differences, and he's got Diamond Skin instead of Magic Weapon, but those are pretty much aesthetic choices). I'll add it as a guide under Blizz/Hydra, since that's currently guideless.

Did you want me to add you in the credits section as "a noob?"
I can try to write up an article from my experiences with the Hybrid Archon if the community would like me to.
Thank you so much for this. The info here is pretty much what most weathered wizzies know/should know, but I can see how it is invaluable to those who just hit 60/rerolled a wiz.

Also, eLINminator, you are my hero, dude. ++
@Schenko, dunno 'bout the rest of these chumps, but I'd like to read it.

Adding DoctorDoom's ranged frost mage build.
Other Wizards don't fall comfortably into any of the categories above. They usually suck, which is why they're sitting here in this lamesauce "other" category at the end of the section. You should play them if you like to feel edgy and different, if being put into a category makes you feel claustrophobic, or if you're trying to convince Blizzard to stop nerfing CM (protip: it's not going to work).

I wish you could make them see that they suck :P
do shards go off when u replace it with another diamond skin? j/w
Guybrush is from the EU forums, his thread was a consolidation and continuation of work done in getting the proc ratios, updated soon after 1.05 was released.

On his thread, Apo and Shandlar had quite a bit of discussion and testing on the WW tick rates, results of which were posted in the WW tick rate thread that was created subsequently.

Guybrush's thread:

Edit: typo
That was an interesting read. Thx JedT
Aph, u're most welcome, and thank u for sharing ur build!
Added Guybrush's thread.

*edit* ...and credited him and Apo for helping with the WW tick-rate research.
Thank u for ur efforts in upkeeping this thread!
The best build to farm MP 0 is the spectral blades build.

Go write me a guide about it.
Aim is to melt elites in 3 seconds.

Needs 3 or more APS.

Use spectral blades healing blades to kill everything (needed for reflect damage mobs).

Using anything else e.g. hydra, blizzard, etc is not viable as 3.0 attacks per second spectral blades does more damage.

You can use pretty much any armour as long as you don't die.
Melee wiz no freeze: Non-viable.

I 1000% disagree take a look at my build and see if you disagree I clear up to MP 5 as fast as any other CM or Archon and fall into the "other category" .

I do not enjoy after mp 5 but can survive in MP 10 but 65 m HP elites are just boring.

That said after all the nerfs wizards need some love
I run melee wiz with freeze.. it's better than putting explosive blast in.

1 freeze almost guarantees you a <5 second elite kill.
Sticky requested great work on compiling this stuff. I can't even find threads I started and u somehow did this.
Added Guybrush's thread.

*edit* ...and credited him and Apo for helping with the WW tick-rate research.

It was the other way around, but thanks for the ego boost!

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