The Wizard Build Compendium

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Shand ur boss of mathematics and testing and ar and armor and turning me onto no LS skorn and playing archon because of it. Of value builds even when cheap builds are immaterial to you.

That help?
Added Guybrush's thread.

*edit* ...and credited him and Apo for helping with the WW tick-rate research.

It was the other way around, but thanks for the ego boost!

First rule of co-authorship: Get your name on the damn paper.
Second rule of co-authorship: That "the authors would like to thank..." footnote doesn't count.

(I'll revise the wording to be first-authorship-neutral :P )
Melee wiz no freeze: Non-viable.

I 1000% disagree take a look at my build and see if you disagree I clear up to MP 5 as fast as any other CM or Archon and fall into the "other category" .

I do not enjoy after mp 5 but can survive in MP 10 but 65 m HP elites are just boring.

That said after all the nerfs wizards need some love

The "non-viable" part refers to the linked build (an attempt by Aimless that, by his own word, didn't work). If you've come up with a non-freezing melee wiz that is viable, throw a little documentation at it (a guide? a mini-guide? a video?) and I'll put it on the list.

11/14/2012 07:37 PMPosted by Aimless
Sticky requested great work on compiling this stuff. I can't even find threads I started and u somehow did this.

Aph and the crew did most of the thread-finding; I just blathered a lot.
11/14/2012 08:51 PMPosted by AS00
Aph and the crew did most of the thread-finding; I just blathered a lot.

You've done well. I dont think any of us could have formatted a thread properly to actually meet the requirements for a stickied thread. Hopefully a CM will agree and throw us a bone here soon(ish). Its a shame we dont have a single MVP to help the cause. Sixen gets a ten month old out of date thread stickied indefinitely just cause hes Sixen. Ahh well. Gotta see how this shakes out before complaining.
Hurray stickiedness. Nice work all.
great work guys for wizard community

I have started the Hybrid Archon'll be finished before the day is over.
Added your hybid archon guide, and Alex's sleet storm build that he just posted.

*edit* And thanks for the sticky, mystery-blue, and all the help getting it stickied, collective wizardry!
congrats on the sticky
I think this thread (created by holyfork) deserves some mention in the "Useful Info" section: (CM/WW DPS Tests and Observations)

Or even the CM build section since it pretty much only pertains to CM/WW builds...

Regardless, useful stuff in there in regards to how multipliers work and whatnot!
Added holyfork's DPS testing to the useful info section.!YXU!cYaZYY

The all-arcane temporal flux kiting build. This is what I used through most of 1.02. It functions on the same principles as blizz/hydra but the way you deal damage is more proactive. The snare is built in to all 3 attacks and I have many fond memories of using hydra and MM to shoot around a corner and take down dark berzerkers on the way to the butcher. Can switch tap the source for celestial orb if you are planning on fighting in areas where the mobs tend to line up pretty well such as the cursed hold, arreat craters, defiled crypts, skycrown. It's mainly for people with nub gear, hence the use of force armor.
11/15/2012 10:02 AMPosted by ChangBooster!YXU!cYaZYY

I remember using that one because I hated blizzard. :)
11/15/2012 11:44 AMPosted by Shelendil!YXU!cYaZYY

I remember using that one because I hated blizzard. :)


on another note sweet we got it stickied
Will add the arcane build shortly; on a phone now so formatting is too annoying. Hopefully laptop access tonight if I don't get too drunk.
nice touch with the lists.
Great post. I have some vids of these builds on youtube:
"Classic" CM/WW (with Prismatic Armor):
I'd like to submit my blizzard xp farming build:!aWX!YYYZaZ

explained here (with a gameplay video):
I am using a build that uses meteor as it's only attack combined with CM to spam diamond skin and frost nova, works very well.

I call it CM/Meteor Shower build.

footage of me doing mp 9 ubers in the post.

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