The Wizard Build Compendium

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Added and credited under CM-based (since it's key for DS and EB spam). Sorry I missed it; haven't been trolling the forums enough, I guess.

Looking forward to seeing your gear advice if you decide to take on the project, Aph.

Work in progress but should be a good base for the newer CM Wizards. Ignored Archon for now, but may attempt it in the future if this one is accepted by the community.

Will update and change it as I get trolled by everyone for missing something!~

First, thanks for the compendium and the thread's links to other guides. Indeed very usefull as a source finder. I haven't read the whole thread, but I do have checked all the links in your posts, so...

I saw the build I'm currently using and I think you should take a look at it. It's only lightning based damaged and use the paralysis passive. Turns out that, even with my !@#$ty-%^- geared wizard mp 1 is viable and mp 0 can be done relatively easy. This build is not a kiting one. In fact is the only build I've ever played that feels like playing D2 all over again. Like Frozen-orb spamming...

Cast Storm armor/magic weapon. Place Hydra and hold down Forked Lightning like there's no tomorrow.... I was amazed at how often the Stun of paralysis would proc. Of course is not even close to freeze lock builds/Cm ones but it's very simple. And doesn't require APoC. It does require a good amount of CC. And if you can afford some AS as well.
I am currently using an Arcane Torrent build with 3 defensive abilities and 2 buffs; with my build (below) I can easily farm MP6 solo or with a friend. The whole idea with this build is spamming torrents w/o depleting your Arcane Power, has snares (Temporal Flux and Slow Time), has mob control (Slow Time, Wave of Force, Torrent - Cascade Rune), and has great survivability (Skin, Slow Time, Wave of Force, Anomoly). This is a great farming build, though it is not as good as CM for Ubbers. I was bored with CM build due to it's lack of farming ability, so I experimented with wacky rogue builds until I found this one. Notice I've kept most of my CM gear, so switching between CM and Torrent is easily done. Plz let me know what you think and if you've tried it and how you like it.
i use a Disintergrate wizard build. i didnt want to do the same thign it seems 90% of wizards build. i having finished inferno as of yet, but so far ive played thru this mage on mp5 solo to my current point. chaos nexes seems to work well enough for crowds switching to Intensify for bosses (cant wait for the temporal flux update increasing movement speed reduction from 30% to 60% for 3 sec), frost nova of they get to me (probly wont happen at all after update). i use magic weapon - conduit and familiar - Arcanot to keep ap up. diamond skin for o crap moments.

*shrug* its probly a crappy build i duno, but i dun care, i do just fine with it.
Help please !!

Please bare with me for a short intro and then my questions. I am a hardcore longtime Final Fantasy player that quit after 5-6 years of playing and meeting my wife ingame. My wife played all Diablo's and I got her the last one as a b-day gift.

I am home sick at the moment so took a look at Diablo and started playing it. Pretty fast I leveled the wizard to 60 and now on to paragon 18. I basicly just muddled about and started buying gear from all the farming I did. But at the second I was about to get bored because it all became way to easy I discovered endgame.

I started trying monster power settings and kinda hit a wall. At MP 2 I get around just fine but I'd really like to get higher. I read dozen's of guide's and just got more and more confused. This guide sounds kinda harsh but it seems to be written by someone who knows what he/she is doing.

Im pretty much shocked to see it's not just gear but a whole lot of certain skill use/setup as well. I guess I fall into the ( as above discribed ) other sucky categorie. I know helping a noob as blue as I am is a pain but I guess it can be rewarding to if you have a strong vision.

Could you please help me get better. My aim is to be able to reliably solo and farm at MP 5 level. Untill now I basicly use Blizzard and then spam Disintegrate untill empty to then spam Spectral Blade while having Energy armor and Mirror Image up. But with Elite packs at MP2 and higher this gets tiresome. I would like to tank more. But when I read this guide I kinda get lost in the abbreviations ( english isn't my first language ) and wonder why you guys for example say to use Archon. And teleport for example just confuses the heck out of me, half the time I have no clue where I am exactly....

So please when I would like to reliably farm and solo MP 4-5 without changing setup and gear all the time what should I be looking for in armor then stat wise ? And what kind of skill setup would benefit me most ? Lately I keep dying from those lasers and poison pretty soon. My wife got me my first few legendary's and I swapped them out, getting better damage but die faster as well.

I use to have Fragment of Destiny and Triumvirate but swapped for Chantodo's. I don't buy gold but don't mind long time farming sessions for gear.

Thanks so much in advance !

My setup :
the archon and teleport is probly refering to the rune they are using for that skill.

i only play the game in short periods of free time, alot of these people play the holy bleep outta this and worked out all kinds of numbers on why to have this skill or that skill with this rune and this passive ability.

but anyway if u want some slight info that a novice can offer id gladly help ya out, add me as friend in teh game jasterreylu#1244 (i think is my battle tag) u might wanna double check that in my profile tho. if ya do ill talk with ya n see if i cant help you.

i might not be the best help so if any of the guys who have posted prior are willing to help insdead of me, take it.
Ramira you may want to try an archon build on high density maps to get a taste before you try and meet the gear requirements. It's a really fun build. Try dropping your middle passive for glass cannon. Drop blizzard for the magic weapon and the life steal rune. Drop mirror image for archon with reduced cooldown or any really. Keep critical mass it's essential. I'd also pick up spark familiar. This will boost our paper dps big time. And when you jump into archon on a high density map, it will be up for a long time and down for very little. Just cast armor, wep, familiar, archon. Doesn't need attack speed, just pure damage.

The stats to aim for from what I've read are 100k buffed dps and 5-6k armor, with 500-600 resists although ideally higher for higher mp. With 40-50k HP and as close to 50 crit Chance as you can muster. I've read this will work for higher mp up to 5 or so. I myself am eager to test it as I just hit 60 on my wiz. :)

It's possible wih your gear you can get just under these numbers, if you use crit rune on force armor too. Give it a try! And don't be dissapointed too bad on low density maps, archon falls off and may still have a long cooldown. You can swap out glass cannon passive for -15% cooldowns and spec archon itself for lower cooldown. Try it out!
thank you very much for this guide and keeping it updated.

On behalf of all us newbies, can please make a request? Can you add a glossary? Will help us understand what APOC, IAS, etc etc means...
Wrote a "LAZY Archon Guide/method"

Check it AS00
Verified hi attack speed builds for public games:

(not based on CM effect and require as much as possible AS instead of CC from gear)
I just ended after couple of month of tryes my build; guess its the most fast and over powered i've ever seen so without sayng anything else, here i post the link with the description:!gdW!YZcaZc

Primary: its meant to keep u alive with lifesteal, wich is always a good friend of all wizards. Also the range of the attack is equal to the bubble range -3^ keyboard skill
Secondary: teleport with wormhole, i won't explain why it is so usefull because it clear
Keyboard 1: frost nova with buff dmg runes allow you to freeze the enemy and smashing him harder with its +15% dmg bonus
Keyboard 2: meteor, for huge amount of damage!
Keyboard 3: bubble: in order to have a +20% dmg for the whole team and to slow all projectiles wich comes on your fragile @ss
Keyboad 4: i use the armor because i really have no money in game so i cant afford all ressit item; but if u have u can switch it with another dmg buff like magical weapon
Passive 1: meant to refresh your mouth with a spicy pepper mint boost!
Passive 2: really the most op passive i've found because the talk is always the same: i cant afford vitality for my mage and there is no way to foudn anything good as drop. So eureka!! wizard dosent need healt thanks to this passive
Passive 3: with this one your char would do +20% dmg wich add to previous bubble and nova means +55% dmg for youy and +35% dmg for your team!

So just to report some progress:
_ finished whole act 3 mp 0 in 42 min PALM TO PALM MODE -yeah ALL mobs dyed in evry!@#$ty corner of the map
_ never founded anyone faster than my char: all are jsut behind
_ the most awesome, crowd control/single engage pure damage build i've ever seen on all charactheres
_ many&more u'll check by yourself

My stats unbuffed: (the important of this build is Int, crit chance, crit dmg, mana for crit)
2.2 atk each second
55% crit chance
266% crit dmg
650 all resist
3333 armor
23500 healt point
24% mov speed

For more info and tips post here; i also underline that those stats are reported while im wearing leoric signet so probabilly with lvl100 paragon gear it will be also more effective.

Hope you'll enjoy this as much as i do, and sorry if my english isnt perfect!
Hi there. Newer to the game, Inferno completed and paragon (6). Just looking for feedback on my build.!XWe!YacbYa

I'm very excited about the build I worked out, involving the use of Arcane Torrent - Death Blossom. A 'more renowned' wizard than I am tried (and tweaked) it; I quote him:

"I must say it's great fun, the aoe on HUGE packs in stonefort and battlements area is the best ever!"

Anyway, I think it's very viable (and fast). Here's all the info you need:

Try it! :)
Since the Blizzard buff in patch 1.0.7, some wizards have been playing Spectral Blizzard, so basically, please add it to the list of Spectral Blades builds. :)!WhY!YYccac
Should thrown this in there too with the 1.07 APOC change. This is for skorn/APOC wiz hat users. Awesome for groups because this is the best way I have found to refresh archon with a skorn and a storm crow. You have surprisingly low downtime.!fgY!accaaZ
Hey just wanted to show my CM/WW build, see if anyone had any suggestions.!bgZ!YZcZYc

I use:
Head: Mempo: 190+ int/9 ias/ 12% live/70+ ar/ socket with life
Ammy: Tal rasha: 230+ int/ 60+ ar/ 650+ Loh/ 60+ CH
Shoulder: Vile Ward: 230+ int/ 75+ vit/75+ ar
Chest: Zuni Marrow: 190+ int/ 45+ vit/ 75 ar/ 3 socket all int
Glove: Sage's: 160+ int/ 80+ vit/ 40+ ar/ 30+ CH/ 8 CC
Bracer: 165+ int/ 75+ vit/ 75+ ar/ 5.5 CC
Boot: Ice Climber: 270+ int/ 90+vit/ 75 ar/ 10% life/ socket with int
Belt: Witching Hour: 95+/ 80+ vit/ 20+ ar/ 9 ias/ 42 CH
Ring1: Zuni Pox: 170+ int/ 80+ vit/ 65 ar/ 400+ Loh/ 32 CH/ socket with int
Ring 2: Litany: 200+ int/ 80+ vit/ 65+ ar/ 4.5 CC
Pants: Blackthorne's: 90+int/ 95+ vit/ 75+ ar/ 340+ Loh/ 12% life/ 2 socket all int
Weapon: Chant Will: 1100 dps/ 1.64 attack per sec/ 195+int/ 820+ Loh
Off Hand: Chant Force: 300+ int/ 80+ vit/ 9 ias/ 9.5 CC

Attacks per second: 2.08
Crit Chance: 32.5
Crit Hit Dmg: 222%
Life per Hit: 2200
Life: 55,800
Dmg: 10,4000

I know I can do better with myWitching Hour, but how does the rest of my set up look?

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