The Wizard Build Compendium

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LMB: Shock Pulse/Living Lightning
RMB: Disintegrate/Chaos Nexus
1: Hydra/Frost Hydra
2: Magic Weapon / Blood Magic
3: Familiar / Sparkflint
4: Storm Armor / Shocking Aspect

Passives: Arcane Dynamo, Glass Cannon, Cold Blooded
Please add this guide of my build to the list:

The Sleet Storm Blizzard Blast (SSBB)

Possible section: Ray of frost, melee wizard or Non-freeze build

Is there an updated build list with a gear guide for sustained archon? I looked through the thread but only found the 1.05 guide. Am I blind?
<erased> and put in own thread
Keep the good builds a secret.
Sorry was kinda embarrassed with my build because I had tested it out more and found my description to be incomplete. I'm still learning the build.

Here is the original that I made

Then because I thought that I wasn't able to connect I made another, but had a little more play testing verse playing with the build.

They are pretty similar.

Please comment. Especially, you elite wizards out there. It'll be awhile before I can get elite gear, so I can't comment on how the build will work at end game of MP10.
The following link is to my Warp Mage build.

Arcane Torrent tick frequency mechanics
  • Aimless: The Shockquefy and Shaggalicious builds, co-creating the Shocknadoshards build, and some research and forum-arguing that led to our modern understanding of the CM/WW build and its relation to APS.

  • Aimless#1700, just built my wizard. This is a man that you can trust with your money. I was a little scared of giving him my money at first, so he asked for a simple 25% of my budget. Then, he spent a day snipping gear for me. If you need someone to build you a CM wizard, go to him.
    can someone tell me what items would be better for my wizard build im trying to get the Damage up and i die to much
    AS00, are you still with us?
    Yeah...i don't know. If he's not around, it'd be nice if the CM's could transfer the thread over to someone else....or start a new compendium thread (cut and past old post, and update it.)
    I chatted with someone from battlenet/support awhile back when I finished P1 of the SNS guide, asking them if they could open the thread up beyond the 500 limit. Also asked about transferring the Wiz compendium thread over to someone else (since AS00 seems awol). They said they could not do anything about it. Tole me to email the the CM's about it. No response.
    hey i been trying to remake a blizzard sor anyone know a cool combo /build for a blizzard theme wiz

    420 Bombs

    This is a liquefy build that doesn't require high APS or a lot of specialized gear.!Wge!ZaccYZ
    07/02/2013 10:41 AMPosted by BloomNekochi
    hey i been trying to remake a blizzard sor anyone know a cool combo /build for a blizzard theme wiz

    the gear:
    I propose the electrified meteor blizzard:!VZg!YcZcZc

    works fine for me.. with 26 AP poins on crit

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